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Chernobog Lord of Darkness
  • Smite
  • Last Modified: 5/29/2018 12:00:44 AM

  • Complexity: 3.9

  • Uniqueness: 88%


Sunlight's last grasp reached up from the horizon like the clawing hand of a drowning man. Black against a blackening sky, the Great Mountain's frozen peak loomed.

In the crannies and crevisses, in the darkened recesses of stone and ice, the denizens of nightmare crawled and squirmed. Silken shadows given form, withered hags of sorcerous witchcraft, leathery gargoyles, and skeletal fiends - all creeping ever upward, gathering for their unholy sabbath.

Night at last swallowed light. Crystalline silence befell the summit. The wicked waited for their God. The pointed peak cracked and opened, two colossal bat-like wings spreading. He emerged, exultant.

Creatures of every horror danced and cheered in twitches and fits, calling to their God. His jagged finger pointed and his minions of malice spewed forth to spread fear and death and darkness.

Chernobog, Lord of Darkness, grinned.

Heart of Cold

Every successful Basic Attack impales the enemy with a brittle crystal. Upon reaching 3 stacks of Heart of Cold, the enemy explodes for extra damage in an area around them (This damage does not trigger Item effects).

Crystallised Curses

Chernobog conjures a large crystal of curses and hurls it at the target location dealing damage on landing. After several seconds the crystalline curses explode dealing damage again and rooting any enemy in the area.

The crystal can be detonated early by firing at it with Vicious Barrage.

Vicious Barrage

Chernobog fires an enlarged crystal shard that can pierce enemies and deals damage like a Basic Attack.

This applies a single stack of Heart of Cold to all enemies it passes through and instantly detonates Crystallized Curses.

After firing, Chernobog gains increased Attack Speed for several seconds.

Into Darkness

Chernobog dashes forward, dealing damage and slowing any enemy he collides with for 2s. If Chernobog comes in contact with a wall, he briefly enters it as a shadow, becoming untargetable and immune to damage for up to 3s.

Chernobog can leave the wall early by dashing or just stepping out of the wall. If he remains for the full duration, Chernobog will automatically dash out as his time expires.

Living Nightmare

During a brief channeling period, Chernobog summons shadows at the location of all enemies that last 8s and apply a short stacking Slow.

Chernobog can select any of his shadow clones to fly towards. Once he reaches the location he takes the place of his shadow, refreshing his cooldowns, as well as temporarily obtaining damage mitigations, extra movement speed and every attack triggers Heart of Cold.

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