Destiny The Sky Ranger
  • Battlerite
  • Last Modified: 6/8/2018 3:31:38 PM

  • Complexity: 5.2

  • Uniqueness: 83%


An elite sky ranger from the secluded, invisible city of Enza. Many years of rigorous combat training using Magi-tech weaponry makes Destiny an agile and deadly force to be reckoned with. Fed up with the strict regulations of living in Enza, Destiny often escapes the city to blow off some steam and have fun in the arena.

Power Blaster

Projectile attack that deals 16 damage. Successful hits reduces the cooldown of Charged Bolt by 1s.

Charged Bolt

Hold to charge a projectile for up to 1.2s to increase damage and distance. The projectile deals 8-32 damage and inflicts Spell Block.

Magnetic Orb

Compress yourself into an orb to dispel movement impairing effects and increase movement speed by 125%. Deals 16 damage to the first enemy you hit and knocks them back.

Sky Strike

Counter the next melee or projectile attack. Countering an attack vaults you into the air and fires a plasma blast that deals 22 damage and knocks enemies back. Jump towards moves move direction when attack ends.

Plasma Wall

Deploy a Plasma Wall at target location. The barrier reduces projectile speed and snares enemies that pass through it.

Mega Sphere

Fire a huge energy sphere towards target location. Hitting the Mega Sphere with Power Blaster or Charged Bolt causes an explosion, dealing the fired projectile's effects to all nearby enemies along with 14 bonus damage and inflicting Fading Snare.


Compress yourself into an orb and dash forward at supersonic speed. Deals 40 damage and inflicts Stun to enemies hit. Bounces off walls up to a total of 3 times.

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