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Titus High-Priest of Nura
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 7/3/2018 5:28:37 PM

  • Complexity: 4.8

  • Uniqueness: 75%


Titus is a descendant of Earth old enough to remember the horrors of refugee fleet stragglers being picked off by Synd Hunter-Ships as they fled Earth. He first tried to settle amongst the Amaari colonies, and found himself unable to scrape together a life between the cluttered streets and stifling crowds of his assigned refugee colony.

Hungry and disillusioned, Titus wandered storefronts and docking sectors, eventually finding work in the burgeoning industry of scrappers. Scrappers ventured into the void of space to hunt for trinkets within the derelict hulls of marooned and wrecked ships from the old refugee fleet. Titus managed to find steady work with a crew specializing in recovering equipment from ships far out in dark zones beyond the influence of the Amaari.

One day, Titus picked up a faint distress signal from a remote ship. They arrived to see the ship’s hull torn open and the engines in pieces. Upon boarding the ship, they found several cages filled with remains and marked by Deadsun Slavers Ring. Before they could flee, several Slaver ships jumped into the vicinity. Titus and his crewmates were quickly overwhelmed, killed or wounded, and captured.

The slavers conscripted Titus and his remaining crew into working in an illegal mining operation that stripped precious metals and minerals from asteroids surrounding a destroyed planet on the outskirts of Amaari space. He toiled for years before the Amaari found the operation and assaulted it. In the assault, a cave-in revealed an ancient shrine to him. Titus stood at the foot of the shrine, bathed in golden light and surrounded by a calming tune. The voice of Nura filled his head and flooded his mind with understanding. He approached the shrine, lifted from it Nura’s sacred tome, and became a conduit of divine power. He pledged to turn his regret into salvation for the downtrodden and would use his strength to empower the weak. He would start here, by joining the Amaari and uplifting the weak, wherever they may be in need.

The Light Within

Titus emanates holy energy as he charges his weapon attack. Heals 30hp per second within 10m. Charge stage 2: Range increased to 12m at stage 2. Range increased to 15 at stage 3.

Divine Directive

After a 0.5s delay, Titus will blink forward 10m in the direction you're facing or moving.

Melding Palm

Instantly restores 10% max health to a target ally Master or yourself.

Purifying Edict

Fires an array of sacred bolts that chain through allies and enemies alike, restoring 100 HP to allies and dealing damage to enemies. The bolts prioritize Masters, including the caster. Can chain up to 5 times.

Nura's Grace

Creates a sacred road in a line in front of you. Allies on the road regain 100 HP each second. Enemies that touch the road are slowed by 30%.

Hallowed Ground

Creates an area of Hallowed Ground with a 3m radius at the selected spot. Allies within the area have their debuffs cleansed and receive CC Immunity while they remain within the area. Enemies standing on Hallowed Ground are silenced.

Non-Master targets will be terrorized instead.

Divine Intervention

Casts a prayer of resurrection on allies within a radius. If marked allies are dealt lethal damage, Nura intervenes and immediately restores 50% of their max HP.

When Divine Intervention is triggered, the target becomes invincible momentarilly. Persists through tagging.

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