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For the people who have been helping through feedback emails, voting and making concepts. Thank you very much for your participation.

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Vita The Living Voice
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 2/22/2018 2:14:58 PM

  • Complexity: 5.2

  • Uniqueness: 82%


An orphan of the Synd uprising, Vita was primarily raised by her brother Varren. Her childhood was destitute, but brimming with love and positivity. When the First Reclamation Fleet was put together on Amaari, Varren went to war and ultimately gave his life for the effort. In his will, he left Vita with one wish. Keep smiling, V. That smile will bring peace to the whole universe one day, I just know it.

Vita, always a gifted singer, took to writing songs of love and optimism and began busking in the streets to get by. It was there that she was discovered by a wealthy Amaari, Meister Gelleon, who--recognizing both her talent and her potential to be a Master due to the SOL resonating in her voice--immediately offered to be her agent. He commissioned an artifact that would amplify her own inherent ability to influence the life force of others. Vita became an overnight sensation. When the Second Reclamation Fleet readied itself for war, she volunteered to perform for the troops, taking the opportunity to speak of her compassionate ideals. Afterward, she sneaked onto the Dredgion, where she cheerfully muscled her way into the ranks of the Masters fighting for freedom. In combat, Vita tends to avoid direct confrontation, preferring to act as a force of inspiration for those on the battlefield.


On every third skill use, Vita creates a shield for 6 seconds that absorbs damage. Vita's Harmony shield restores 50 MP per second and blocks 400 damage. When the Harmony shield expires, Vita's skills have their cooldown reduced by 30%.

Dizzying Twirl

Quickly moves 5m with a spin.

Wooly Ballad

Vita's voice carries a magical tune, polymorphing her target for 2 sec., and applying a -30% slow.

Note of Nullification

Vita hits a note that resonates with the targeted Master. Targeted allies are wrapped in a protective shield for 7 sec., while enemies have a buff removed and take damage based on the removed buff.

Cannot be used on summoned creatures.


Fires a bolt that absorbs or grants life energy depending on its target. Grants 200 HP recovery to allies, while enemies are dealt damage and slowed by 50% for 2.5 sec. Can pierce up to 4 targets.

Vital Aura

Wraps Vita in an aura of living energy that grants +30% movespeed for 0.5 sec. On contact, allies are healed for 100, while enemies are damaged and silenced for 0.5 sec.

Aria of Life

Vita amplifies her control over life energy, allowing her to deny any degradation of life. All allies and enemies within 5.0m cannot attack for 4 sec. and become invincible, while allies in the area are healed for 100 and regain stamina. Seeing the futility in fighting, Masters instead decide to dance.

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