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Unfortunately Ive decided to retire this website, Ive been running it for near 3 years and its been a great learning experience. However for several reasons I am going to be closing it.

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For the people who have been helping through feedback emails, voting and making concepts. Thank you very much for your participation.

If you have any concepts stored here I apologize but you will want to find some way to move them before the end of february.

V-Merang The Huntress
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 5/21/2018 3:54:56 PM

  • Complexity: 4.6

  • Uniqueness: 80%


The daughter of two wealthy entrepreneurs who escaped on one of the first ships to take off from Earth, Era was named for their hope of starting a new chapter in human history. She and over 70,000 other voyagers were placed in cryostasis as their ship ventured out in search of a Synd-free world. Era was barely more than a toddler when she awoke to the horrible, skittering sound of something with too many legs. The ship crash-landed on the planet Sameta, where Era--now the only survivor--was taken in by a Sametan rescue party who came to investigate.

She grew up happy and healthy, believing she was no different from the other Sametan children, except for her lack of antlers. As she began to grow older and question why that was, her parents told her the truth of where she'd been found. They gave her a helmet made from an artifact they'd found on the ship with her, a V-shaped item that rested on her forehead to mimic the antlers she wanted so desperately. Now knowing the truth about her origins, she left Sameta to find out more about humans and where she came from, changing her name to V-Merang in honor of Sametan naming customs.

Sametan Warrior

[Ringblade Launcher] Consumes 1 Ringblade per skill use. Up to 2 can be stored and 1 Ringblade is restored on every tenth hit with a skill. Multiple hits from the same skill count.

[Hindering Blade] Every 8 seconds, V-Merang fires a charged shot that deals bonus damage and binds for 1 second.


Tumbles 8m towards your cursor. While moving, you are immune to enemy crowd control attacks.


Fires a Ringblade in a circular trajectory that returns to V-Merang. Can strike enemies multiple times.

  • Level 1: Skill Power +21.64
  • Level 2: Skill Power +21.65
  • Level 3: +40 slow to enemies for 1.5 seconds.
  • Level 4: Skill Power +21.39
  • Level 5: Skill Power +11.02
  • Level 6: Increases slow duration by 1.5 seconds.
Backspin Blade

Fires a wildly spinning Ringblade at a target area, damaging and launching struck enemies.

  • Level 1: Skill Power +33.32
  • Level 2: Skill Power +33.32
  • Level 3: +11% Projectile Speed, +2m Max Range
  • Level 4: Skill Power +198.66
  • Level 5: Skill Power +37.66
  • Level 6: Skill Power +94.16

Throws a Ringblade that bounces to nearby targets before returning. All targets in the path of the bouncing blade are struck.

Ringblade Barrier

Throws a spinning Ringblade to a fixed position. The blade spins in place for 2 sec., inflicting damage to enemies and reflecting enemy projectiles. Strikes over Ringblade Barrier's duration do not restore Ringblades.

Blade Storm

Flings a large tornado in a line, knocking enemies into the air and dealing light damage over 200m.

Damage is reduced by 40% until the tornado is 8m away.

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