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Merope The Fallen Star
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 9/27/2017 3:04:07 PM

  • Complexity: 4.5

  • Uniqueness: 88%


The second-to-last of the Pleiades Series built by an Earth native known as Stein, Merope is technically classified as an “Android Rescue Bot.” While not Masters in the traditional sense, she and her sisters were specifically built to be powerful enough to stand with them in combat. The Pleiades Series of androids are programmed to protect Masters at all costs, and are unable to act without direct orders. As they are given only basic AI and personality function, Merope often makes people uncomfortable with her lack of emotion, inability to understand humor, and direct, formal way of speaking.

Despite her lack of human characteristics, she does occasionally exhibit curiosity about mortal functions, such as eating and drinking. Merope often sees herself as strange middleground between Synd and humans. She called herself the Fallen Star, and believes she is incomplete. She yearns, despite her rigid programming, to find a place amongst existence where she will be recognized at equal standing. Perhaps this is why she has outfitted herself with so many armaments, as to match any Master on the battlefield.

Pleiades Michani Enas

[Networking] Increases damage by 10% when allied with Androids.

[Coolant Flush] Reduces heat buildup when skills are used.

Use Boost to Get Through!

Uses a booster to quickly move over a distance of 7m.

Missile Salvo

Designates the starting point of your salvo line of missiles.

A second reticle will appear to designate the direction of your salvo line.

[Combo] Recast to fire a salvo for heavy damage.

Devastator Rocket

Fires a low-speed missile that explodes upon reaching the targeted area. Deals damage to enemies it passes through, as well as when it explodes at its targeted area.

Vector Strike

Quickly accelerates 9m in a line. Slams into the first enemy in your path, dealing damage and knocking them away. Merope will rocket off the enemy, retreating backwards before landing.

Conversion Battery

Creates an energy field that absorbs damage after 0.5 seconds, converting it into healing energy for 2 sec. Each weapon attack to strike the shield restores 200 hp.

Target Locked

Scans the area, locking on up to 4 target before firing missiles at them. If there are less than 4 targets, multiple missiles will strike the same enemy.

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