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Maia Mother of the Flawed
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 9/27/2017 4:40:49 PM

  • Complexity: 5.2

  • Uniqueness: 83%


The last of the Pleiades Series built by an Earth native known as Stein, Maia is technically classified as an “Android Triage Bot.” While not Masters in the traditional sense, she and her sisters were specifically built to be powerful enough to stand with them in combat. The Pleiades Series of androids are programmed to protect Masters at all costs, and are unable to act without direct orders. As they are given only basic AI and personality function, Maia often fails to emulate human emotion, motivation, or colloquial conversation.

While she is more like a human being than her sisters, Maia has trouble connecting with or understanding the human condition. She knows that she must not allow harm to come to the Masters, but the grander scheme of her purpose is unknown to her. Due to this, and her hightened sympathetic response centers, she has given herself purpose. She recognizes herself as a mothering figure to humanity, and has called herself the Mother of the Flawed. While she sees both perspectives of Synd and human, she believes that machines are more tool than being.

Pleiades Michani Dyo

[Networking] Increases defense by 10% and MP recovery by 5p/s when allied with other Pleiades models.

[Rejuvenate] Restores 150 HP to the lowest health Master within 8m on skill use.

Use Boost to Get Through!

Uses Maia's thrusters to quickly boost 7m.

Combat Protocol

Temporarily switches to a combat protocol, increasing range and weapon damage. Upon use, Maia is shielded for 2 sec.

Recall Tether

Places a recall pad that is tethered to Maia at the targeted area for 5 sec. Allies who step on the pad are pulled towards Maia. Maia's gains 50% movespeed for 0.4 sec. when she places the Recall Pad.

Savior Protocol

Flies to and picks up an allied target. Maia shields the protected target for 2 sec., absorbing up to 500 damage.

[Combo] Dashes a moderate distance, dropping off the protected ally at the end of the dash.

Anti-Kinesis Barrier

Places a barrier that knocks enemies back when they touch it. Lasts 5 sec.

Each target can only be knocked back once every 2 seconds.

Synergy Protocol

Overclocks Maia's systems and links her to an ally's nervous system, granting them both increased movespeed. The linked ally gains invincibility for 8 sec., but can still be CC'd. Linked Masters deal increased damage for 8 seconds.

The link will snap if linked Masters are too far away from each other.

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