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Lorraine The Framebreaker
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 10/4/2017 2:37:44 PM

  • Complexity: 4.1

  • Uniqueness: 72%


Once a promising journalist, Lorraine lost her job and her reputation following a story she broke about an Amaari investment scam that had targeted the Reclamation Fleet. Furious and bitter that politics had obscured the truth, Lorraine was ready to give up on her career. Still, photography was her passion, and she'd been on her own since her father's mysterious death a few years earlier.

She began using her skill as a journalist to snap pictures of the mysterious Masters, becoming something of a paparazzi. When searching through her father's belongings one day, she found an old camera--a camera she recognized as an artifact, thanks to her association with the Dredgion. Though she has no real combat training, the power of the camera and her own wits have made her a Master in her own right.

Flash Step

[Flash Step] Skills grant 100% movespeed for 1 second when they strike an enemy.

Speed Shooting

Lorraine's camera is changed to high-speed mode as a toggled ability. Resets your overheat gauge, decreases heat buildup by 50%, grants 15% damage and attack speed, and +15% movespeed.

Overheat gauge cannot be reset when it is already in an overheated status.

Lens Focus

Bends light into the focused area for 15 sec. Enemies in the focused area will be revealed and slowed by -30%.

This effect pulses every 3 seconds.

Flash Bang

Blinds an enemy for 4 sec. by concentrating the surrounding light through a camera flash

Non-Master targets will be terrorized instead.


Manipulates captured moments in time through the lens of Lorraine's camera to freeze enemies in place. Stuns enemies within the target area for 2 sec. You are slowed slightly while using F-Stop.

The stun duration is reduced the further away enemies are from the center of the targeted area.

Maximum Exposure

Lorraine establishes a photo zone to gain maximum exposure with her camera. All caught enemies are dragged into the exposure area and take massive damage.

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