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Lilu Windtalker
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 12/29/2017 5:32:04 PM

  • Complexity: 4.7

  • Uniqueness: 95%


Lilu grew up on Nashrune, one of the fragments of a shattered world. The denizens live in a tribal society among the ruins of a former, forgotten civilization. Women within the clans occasionally manifest clairvoyant abilities, and both Lilu and her sister Mirel were recognized as seers. Mirel was especially powerful, and had been chosen by a spirit hawk. As such, when the clan's sacred Titan statue collapsed (under mysterious circumstances) and Nashrune became wracked with disasters, Mirel was blamed.

The clan called for her sacrifice to appease the Titans, and despite Lilu's protests, Mirel went dutifully to the altar. After her death, the disasters ceased--but Lilu sensed something was amiss. Grief-stricken and betrayed, she uncovered signs that outsiders had been present on Nashrune. Her sister's spirit hawk, Haru, came to her so that she could better serve her clan, but Lilu had other ideas. She caught an Amaari ship off-world in the hopes that she could find out who was truly responsible for her sister's death.

Razor Beak

Every 4th weapon attack delivers an additional weapon strike.


Lilu takes to the skies and evades incoming attacks.

Bird of Prey

Sends Haru to a target. Haru lifts the target into the air for 4 sec. Recasting will initiate a Hawk Slam.

[Hawk Slam] Slams the target down in a new target area, causing a damaging shockwave.

Talon Swarm

Calls down a hawk strike every 2 seconds in the marked zone, damaging all present enemies. Grants visibility within the marked area in Titan Ruins.

Birds of a Feather

Lilu soars into the air with some help from a feathered friend, traveling up to 25m and gaining CC immunity.

[Combo] Recast to cancel.

Feather Crest

Marks an enemy with a charm, revealing them for 3 seconds. Your hawk can combo to attack the marked target.

[Pecking Order] Haru barrels through all opposition to strike the marked target, stunning all struck enemies for 1.5 sec.

Screeching Crest

Marks the target with a screeching crest for 6 sec. The crest lets loose powerful sonic pulses, dealing damage to nearby enemies every 1.5 seconds.

Lilu can mark any target except herself. The mark is removed if the target dies or tags out.

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