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Kat the Cat The Noble Purr
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 10/19/2017 4:34:02 PM

  • Complexity: 5.4

  • Uniqueness: 87%


Kat the Cat was brought to the Dredgion through accidental summoning, courtesy of Arami whimsically playing with Glyphs unsupervised. Through a combination of potent magical links, Kat the Cat burst through a temporal rift, the first of many to be established on board the Dredgion. While Arami was thrilled to have a new friend, Kat was simply relieved to be summoned by someone who only wished to play games, as he had no great wish to do any actual work. While Arami tried to hide Kat, as he was a product of performing magic that was restricted upon the Dredgion, Imadath eventually started finding a large excess of feline hair on the bridge of the Dredgion.

Once Kat was discovered, Imadath could see the spiritual connection the creature had to others of its kind. He gave Kat an ultimatum: Work for the Dredgion as an assistant to the Masters, or be returned to his native realm the next time a temporal rift to it opened. Choosing the lesser of two evils, work, or harder work, Kat decided to remain on the Dredgion. In his mind, the Masters at least treated him as an equal, and fighting along side them was usually more entertainment than actual work.

Feline Grace

[Feline Grace] Safe Landing has no cooldown, costs no Stamina, and grants Kat 2 seconds of CC immunity upon landing.

If I Fits, I Sits

Grants invincibility for 1.2 sec. You cannot move while in your box. Gain +50% movespeed for a short time once invincibility ends.

Mew the Cat

[Effect] Invokes Mew's power to stun surrounding enemies right meow for 0.5 sec.

[Stance Change] Lends Mew's power to convert weapon attacks into a long-range attack for 15 seconds. Lasts 7 attacks.

Kai the Cat

[Effect] Invokes Kai's power to reflect 100% of incoming damage right meow back at the attacker for 0.8 sec.

[Stance Change] Lends Kai's power to Kat and converts his weapon attack into short-ranged raking swipes for 15 seconds while granting 10% movespeed. Damage reflection is refreshed with each Kai-powered attack. Lasts for 7 attacks.

King the Cat

[Effect] Invokes King's power to bind nearby enemies right meow for 1 sec.

[Stance Change] Uses King's power to convert Kat's weapon attacks into a splash attack around him for 15 seconds. Attacks apply a 15% slow for 1.2 seconds and can be stacked twice. Kat gains 15% defense and 10 HP recovery while using King the Kat. Lasts for 7 attacks.

Queen the Cat

[Effect] Invokes Queen's power to grant 10% damage and 10% defense to allies hit by fans right meow for 10 sec.

[Stance Change] Lends Queen's power to convert Kat's weapon attack into throwing bladed fans for 15 seconds. Lasts for 7 attacks.


Pounces onto an ally or enemy, knocking back enemies in your path and knocking down your target. May be used twice before cooling down.

On Allies: Remove 1 debuff and increase their movespeed by 10% for 3 sec. Recovers 100 HP over 3 sec.

On Enemies: Knocks down enemies. Dispels a debuff on you. Steals -10% of your target's weapon damage for 3 sec. They lose 10% damage for 3 sec.

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