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Ghost Widow Arachnos's Ghost
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 2/1/2018 3:36:38 PM

  • Complexity: 4.7

  • Uniqueness: 89%


In her former life, she was known as Belladonna Vetrano, an Arachnos Night Widow with an affinity for stealth and infiltration. That life ended while on a strike mission when Vetrano's entire crew was killed in an ambush. Instead of passing to the spirit world, Belladonna's vengeful ghost lingered on the mortal plane until Arachnos Mystics bound her spirit, now known as Ghost Widow, to Arachnos, allowing her to remain on Earth and serve the organization as long as it existed.

When she learned that the Statesman, Arachnos' greatest threat was alive, Ghost Widow set out to find how he had returned from death without her knowledge. Even though he turned out to be Tyrant, his new willingness to defend others meant Arachnos was under threat once again. Ghost Widow tracked him down to the alternate, Synd-occupied Earth and set her trap.

As the two battled, an army of Atlas drones attacked. Their differences set aside for a moment, the two fought through the onslaught, leaving only scrap in their wake. Tyrant explained to Ghost Widow that the threat of Atlas was not confined to only one Earth and how Masters from different worlds and dimensions had already joined the battle against it. The cloning of Master Jinsoyun was of particular interest and Ghost Widow's desire to live again sealed her decision.

She reported back to Lord Recluse of an advanced civilization brought to its knees, and her concern that Arachnos' survival, and thus her own, would one day be at risk unless Atlas was destroyed. She insisted that she personally lead the fight on behalf of Arachnos and promised to bring Atlas' vast knowledge to her Lord once the enemy had fallen. However, Ghost Widow had more selfish and personal plans for that knowledge.

Consuming Darkness

[Consumption] Increases Ghost Widow's Weapon Damage by 12% per debuff on her target.

Dark Passage

Dashes 3.0m and strips non-persistent buffs from all targets she collides with.

Life Drain

Tap into the powers of the netherworld to steal life from a target foe for 7.5 SEC(s), damaging them every 1.5 seconds and healing Ghost Widow. If your target moves too far away, the draining tether will snap.

Fearsome Stare

Fires a projectile of negative energy that strikes the first target in a line.

The projectile bursts on its target, striking all hostiles within 3.0m around the targeted enemy and terrorizing them for 1.8 SEC(s).

Tenebrous Tentacles

Curses an enemy with darkness, damaging them for 5.005 SEC(s). Other enemies in a radius of 4.0m around the target are dealt 50% of the damage over time.

Ethereal Images

Ghost Widow changes into her Ghost form and summons 3 copies of herself. The ghosts last for 3 seconds and explode in a radius of 3.0m when they disappear.

Ghost Widow becomes ethereal during this time, gaining immunity for 3 seconds. While ethereal, Ghost Widow cannot use weapon attacks, jumping, or skills.

Soul Storm

Enraptures a target for 3.5 SEC(s) and drains the life from them.

Unleashes 3 blasts of necrotic energy and generates two missiles of dark energy each time Ghost Widow deals damage. Moving or attacking will cancel Soul Storm.

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