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Bumaro It
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 10/20/2017 8:45:14 AM

  • Complexity: 5.3

  • Uniqueness: 83%


Bumaro is a rare creature that roams interstellar space. From the human perspective, it is difficult to classify one as a living thing at all, but rather a festering hive of living things. From what has been found out, Bumaro can become small enough to fit into the palm of someone's hand, or big enough to envelope the entirety of the Dredgion – or perhaps, a planet, should it be allowed to consume enough matter. While no one exactly knows where it comes from, Bumaro seems to be non-hostile. It absorbs all sorts of things, even information. Its intellect seems to be directly related to how much knowledge it is exposed to. It is able to quickly adapt to situations as they unfold, and it appears to consume any material thing and convert it into more gelatinous mass for itself.

Bumaro revealed itself during a mission where both Masters had become incapacitated. Bumaro covered their bodies, deflecting blasts with its jelly, and rolled the Masters to safety. Bumaro molded itself to the underside of the Masters' armor, activated their distress signal, and hitchhiked on the medicav back to the Dredgion with them. Upon landing, Bumaro took credit for their rescue (expressing his intentions through interpretive dance) and explained that it had been learning about the humans on the Dredgion for months. Bumaro expressed its want to assist the Masters, and was made an honorary Master for its actions. Bumaro serves to this day as a loyal combatant who has a serious lack of understanding when it comes to personal space.

Conservation of Mass

Charging up weapon attacks increases Mass. Weapon attacks drain 10 Mass

[Conservation] When Bumaro is thin, movespeed is increased while weapon damage, skill power, and defense are decreased.
[Mass] When Bumaro is massive, it is slowed, while weapon damage, skill power, and defense are increased


Liquefies for 2SEC(s), becoming untargetable. Enemies standing on Bumaro are slowed.


Clings to either an ally or enemy for 6SEC(s). Causes different effects based on whether Bumaro has more or less HP than its target.

On Allies: Lower HP: Grants 50.0% movespeed. Higher HP: Restores 100HP over time.
On Enemies: Lower HP: Steals HP from enemy target. Higher HP: Slows by 50.0%
[Release] Recasting Cling will release your target.

Acidic Burst

Bumaro alters its genetic makeup to spew acidic jelly in a 3.6m area around itself.

Cell Division

Bumaro stimulates the ooze colonies within it, recovering 200HP and 5 Mass every second for 4SEC(s). Cannot move while channeling.


Bumaro changes its genetic makeup, increasing elasticity and reflecting damage for 4SEC(s). After the duration, Bumaro rebounds with repulsive force, knocking down enemies within 5m.


Bumaro splits into 3 copies. Bumaro's copies are active for 8SEC(s) and will imitate the original Bumaro's skills or enhance the original's skill effects.

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