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Ornn The Fire Below The Mountain
  • League of Legends
  • Last Modified: 12/29/2017 4:43:54 PM

  • Complexity: 3.9

  • Uniqueness: 91%


Ornn is the Freljordian demi-god of forging and craftsmanship. He works in the solitude of a massive smithy, hammered out from the lava caverns beneath the volcano Hearth-Home. There he stokes bubbling cauldrons of molten rock to purify ores and fashion items of unsurpassed quality. When other deities—especially Volibear—walk the earth and meddle in mortal affairs, Ornn arises to put these impetuous beings back in their place, either with his trusty hammer or the fiery power of the mountains themselves.

Living Forge

Ornn can purchase non-consumable items from anywhere on the field by forging them himself, and is also presented a Forge Menu with his recommended items to select to be forged. Forging takes 4 seconds and the process is interrupted if Ornn enters combat, disabling Living Forge.

Additionally, Ornn and each of his teammates can purchase MASTERWORK upgrades. Each player may only have one MASTERWORK upgrade at a time.

Bellows Breath's final flame and Call of the Forge God apply Brittle to enemies for 6 seconds. Ornn's next basic attack against a Brittle target consumes the mark, briefly knocks them back.

The next immobilizing effect against a Brittle target consumes the mark, dealing 7% - 16% (based on level) of target's maximum health as bonus magic damage and lasting 30% longer.

Volcanic Rupture

Ornn slams his hammer into the ground, sending a fissure in the target direction that stops early if an enemy champion is hit, dealing physical damage and  slowing enemies hit for 2 seconds.

After a 1.5-seconds delay, an impassable magma pillar erupts at maximum range for 4 seconds.

Bellows Breath

Ornn shields himself for 12% of maximum health for 4 seconds and marches unstoppably in the target direction over the next 2.5 seconds.

Over the march he belches fire over a cone in front of him, dealing magic damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies hit. The final bout of flame will apply Brittle.

Searing Charge

Ornn charges forward, dealing physical damage to enemies he passes through, stopping upon colliding with terrain.

If Ornn collides with terrain while charging he creates a shockwave that deals increased physical damage and knocks up enemies within for 1 second. Searing Charge can damage enemies twice.

Magma pillars and terrain created by enemy champions caught in the shockwave are destroyed.

Call of the Forge God

1st Cast - Ornn summons an elemental at maximum range in the target direction that stampedes toward him, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit by 40% for 2 seconds.

While stampeding, Ornn can re-activate Call of the Forge God.

2nd Cast - Ornn dashes forward in the target direction. If Ornn collides with the elemental, he headbutts it, sending it stampeding again in the new direction and empowering it to knock up enemies hit. Call of the Forge God can damage enemies twice.

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