D.Va MEKA Pilot

D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her homeland.

Twenty years ago, South Korea was attacked by a colossal omnic monstrosity that rose from the depths of the East China Sea. The massive, lumbering construct caused catastrophic damage to coastal cities before it was driven back beneath the waves. In response, the South Korean government developed a mechanized armored drone unit, called MEKA, to protect urban environments in future engagements with the omnic threat.

The government's fears proved to be well founded, as a disturbing pattern of attacks emerged. Every few years, the monstrosity would rise from the sea to assault South Korea and its neighbors. The omnic learned from these encounters, often reconfiguring itself in a different form and appearing with new weapons and capabilities. Each incident ended in a stalemate, with the monstrosity defeated but not destroyed.

As the omnic continued to adapt, it eventually disrupted MEKA's drone-control networks, forcing the military to place pilots in the mechs. Scrambling to find suitable candidates, the government turned to the country's professional gamers, who possessed the necessary reflexes and instincts to operate the mechs' advanced weapons systems. Top stars were drafted, including reigning world champion Hana Song, also known as "D.Va." Famous for her elite skills, D.Va was a fierce competitor who played to win at all costs, and she had a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.

Seeing her new mission as a game, D.Va fearlessly charges into battle alongside the rest of her MEKA unit, ready to spring to her nation's defense at a moment's notice. Recently, she has begun to stream combat operations to her adoring fans, and her growing following has turned her into a global icon.


[FEAT] Torpedo Dash - D.Va gains the Torpedo Dash ability, allowing her to dash forward and pass through enemies. Requires Pilot Mode.

[FEAT] Concussive Pulse -  D.Va gains the Concussive Pulse ability, allowing her to deal x damage to enemies in a cone and knock them back.Requires Pilot Mode.

Mech Mode/Pilot Mode

Mech Mode: When D.Va's Mech is destroyed, she is ejected after 0.75 seconds and can continue to fight in Pilot Mode. Destroying D.Va's Mech only awards 50% of a normal Hero's XP.

Pilot Mode: Each Basic Attack reduces the cooldown of Call Mech by 0.5 seconds. As a Pilot, D.Va only awards 50% of a normal Hero's XP upon death.

[FEAT] Pro Moves: D.Va's Mech gains 2% Movement Speed for 1 second every time she takes damage, up to 30%.

[FEAT] Emergency Shielding: When D.Va's Mech would be destroyed, instead gain an X point shield for 6 seconds. This has a 15 second cooldown.

[FEAT] Ablative Armor: Damage against D.Va's Mech that would deal 5% or less of your max health are reduced by 50%.

[FEAT] GGWP - Increase Pilot Mode Basic Attack damage by 75%. Participating in a Takedown while in Pilot Mode instantly refreshes the cooldown of Call Mech.

[FEAT] Nanoweave Suit - For 4 seconds after ejecting from her Mech, D.Va gains 50 Armor and her Basic Attacks grant 50% more cooldown reduction for Call Mech.

[FEAT] Supressing Fire - Pilot Mode Basic Attacks have 20% increased range and Slow enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds.

Boosters (Mech Mode)

Increases D.Va's Movement Speed by 125% for 2 seconds. Enemies that are hit take damage and are knocked away. D.Va cannot be Slowed while Boosters are active.

[FEAT] Rush-down - If D.Va takes nor deals no damage during Boosters, lower the cooldown by 5 seconds.

[FEAT] Hit the Nitrous - Initial speed of Boosters increased to 475%, then decays to normal speed over 0.5 seconds. During this time Boosters deals 100% bonus damage.

[FEAT] Crash Course - ❢ Quest: Damage 25 enemy Heroes with Boosters.❢ Reward: Damaging enemy Heroes with Boosters lowers the cooldown by 1 second per Hero hit.

[FEAT] Coming Through - Increase the knockback distance by 100%.


Defense Matrix (Mech Mode)

Channel a defensive field in the target direction for 3 seconds, reducing damage dealt by enemy Heroes inside it by 75%. The Mech can move while channeling, but cannot turn. Damage dealt to the Mech by enemies within Defense Matrix still grants the same amount of Self-Destruct Charge.

[FEAT] Diverting Power - The area of Defense Matrix is 100% wider and 25% longer, but D.Va is rooted for the duration.

[FEAT] Get Through This! - Increase the duration of Defense Matrix by additional 3 seconds.

[FEAT] Fusion Generator - Every time an enemy Hero deals damage while inside Defense Matrix, D.Va's Self-Destruct Charge increased by 1% (Max 15).

[FEAT] Dazer Zone - Every time an enemy Hero deals damage while inside Defense Matrix, D.Va's Self-Destruct Charge increased by 1% (Max 15).

[FEAR] Aggression Matrix - Enemy Heroes affected by Defense Matrix are Slowed by 20%.

Self Destruct / Call Mech

Mech Mode: Eject from the Mech, setting it to self-destruct after 4 seconds. Deals medium to massive damage in a large area, depending on distance from the center of the blast. Deals 50% damage against Structures. Gain 1% Charge for every 2 seconds spent using Basic Attacks, and 30% Charge per 100% of Mech Health lost.

Pilot Mode: Call a new Mech and enter Mech Mode. 45 second cooldown. While in Pilot Mode, each Basic Attack lowers this cooldown by 0.5 seconds.

[FEAT] Nuclear Option - Increase the delay before Self-Destruct explodes by 3 seconds. Detonation damage increased by 50%.

[FEAT] Expensive Plating - Increase Mech health by 20%, but increase the cooldown of Call Mech by 15 seconds.

[FEAT] MEKAfall - Call Mech is instant and can target a location. Upon landing, the Mech deals x damage to enemies in the impact area.

Bunny Hop (Mech Mode)

D.Va's Mech becomes Unstoppable and stomps every 0.5 seconds, dealing damage and Slowing enemies by 40%. Lasts 4 seconds.

[FEAT] Stop and Pop - Bunny Hop deals 150% more damage if D.Va isn't moving at the moment of impact.

Big Shot (Pilot Mode)

Deal x damage in a line to all enemies. Lower the cooldown of Call Mech by 5 seconds for each enemy hero hit.

[FEAT] Pew! Pew! Pew! - Deal x damage in a line to all enemies. Lower the cooldown of Call Mech by 5 seconds for each enemy hero hit.

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