Oldur The Time Mender
  • Battlerite
  • Last Modified: 4/24/2018 11:03:17 AM

  • Complexity: 4.8

  • Uniqueness: 73%


Oldur is a mysterious creature able to bend time and space. He can mend wounds with powerful heals and reverse enemy attacks by freezing them in time.

Sands of Time

Launch a projectile that deals 12 damage and inflicts Sands of Time. Target takes 8 additional damage after 3.5s.

Sands of Time: Target takes 8 additional damage after 3.5s.

EX: Launch a projectile that deals 16 damage and knocks target back. Consumes Sands of Time, dealing all damage instantly.

Rejuvenating Sands

Throw rejuvenating sand that heals the nearest ally for 14 health. Recharges faster for each nearby ally.

Shifting Sands

Turn into sand and travel in target direction. Allies passed through are healed for 12 health and enemies are dealt 8 damage.

Time Bender

Negate projectile and melee attacks in front of you. Enemy melee attackers are knocked back and the first negated projectile will linger on within your hourglass, which you can launch by recasting this ability.

EX: Place a time rift at target location. The rift reduces movement speed and reflects projectiles.


Throw an Hourglass to target location that explodes, dealing 18 damage and inflicting Fading Snare. Consumes Sands of Time, dealing all damage instantly.

Stone Glass

Area attack that inflicts Petrify and knocks the target back.

Time Travel

Target ally's cooldowns are accelerated by 25%. Target is removed from the fight for a short duration before reappearing at target location, inflicting Stun on all nearby enemies for 2s.

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