Adrenaline is the physical embodiment of the chaos and fury that rages within the ancient heart of the True Evil. His sole purpose is to lead The Third Corruption and carve a bloody swath through daemon, man, beast, and god, clearing the way for Apex to establish his presence and begin his final conquest of the known realms.

Fracture Bounce

Target a direction to throw a projectile, dealing 50/100/150/200 Magic Damage to the first enemy hero it hits and applying 6/7/8/9 Dread Stacks if Rush is leveled.

-Projectiles that hit bounce off the target into the air with a 0.9 second air time. If Adrenaline catches the projectile, he regains 35% of his max mana.

-If the projectile hits the ground, it will spawn a Fracture for 5 seconds.

If the target is less than 200 units away from Adrenaline, then the dagger will land 250 units behind the target (relative to Adrenaline). Otherwise, the projectile will land in a random location in the line between Adrenaline and the target.


Target a direction to dash 450 units, dealing 20 True Damage to enemy units you pass through and consumes all Dread Stacks on them, dealing an additional 1% of the enemy unit's Max Health per Dread Stack consumed.

Passively causes autoattacks from self and illusions to apply 2 Dread Stacks on a target, lasting 6 seconds and refreshing on hit.

The max number of Dread Stacks is determined by the level of this skill. Maximum of 12/20/28/36 Dread Stacks.

Ember Shard

Passively grants Adrenaline Mana Regeneration equal to 3/4/5/6/7% of his max Mana per second.

If Adrenaline kills an enemy hero, he receives 20/40/60/80/100% of his Max Mana. (5/10/15/20/25% for non-hero units).

Death's Halo

Target an enemy hero to Stun and reduce their vision to 400 radius for 2 seconds. Applies 10/20/30 Dread Stacks to the target, and creates 6 Fractures surrounding the target, with each of them lasting 5 seconds.

Adrenaline spawns randomly as one of the Fractures. Fractures act like illusions; they receive 450% Damage and deal 10% of your Base Damage.

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