The mighty Salomon has been summoned by Ophelia to serve as magical guardian of the Legion, and to grant the Hellbourne's Last Wish.

Avenging Leap

Target an enemy to leap to it, dealing Magic Damage and applying a Movement Speed Slow for a few seconds.

Wish For Wealth

Passively grants bonus Gold for every enemy non-hero, non-boss unit you kill.

Activate to transmute a non-hero unit and grant a bonus Gold.

Wish For Power

Activate to summon 8 Orbs of Power that rotate around Salomon, dealing Magic Damage per second for up to 10 seconds.

If the orbs collide with an enemy hero, they will explode, dealing Magic Damage per Orb.

Wish for Revenge

Activate to transform you into an avatar for 30 seconds.

Avatar form gains a bonus Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration.

The cooldowns of Wish for Power and Avenging Leap lowered to 5 seconds for the duration.

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