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This site will cease to be live at the end of february 2019.

Harpwn Here, site creator

Unfortunately Ive decided to retire this website, Ive been running it for near 3 years and its been a great learning experience. However for several reasons I am going to be closing it.

  • Server costs, despite the adverts this website generates no revenue
  • Maintanence time, tagging takes up way too much of my time
  • Shift in interests, I dont really play MOBAs much anymore
  • Something new, I want to focus on a new project
  • Lack of engagement, whilst the site has a decent size audience not enough people are engaging with the features

For the people who have been helping through feedback emails, voting and making concepts. Thank you very much for your participation.

If you have any concepts stored here I apologize but you will want to find some way to move them before the end of february.


Sister Arete of the Sacred Order believed Sol had set her upon a path to be King Jeraziah's Queen and provide him with an heir. When she finally mustered the courage to forsake her vows and present herself to the king, Jeraziah accused her of being a daemon herself, trying to tempt him into the sin that would cast his soul down to be condemned by The Three Judges of All and forever imprisoned by the dragon guardian Sunder. Devastated, Sister Arete gorged on poison and damned her own soul. This is what she wanted. The Three Judges sent her to face Sunder, who hoards the souls within the Vault of All Hells, where she used her mastery of the dark arts to make the fearsome guardian her pet. Now she has become Calamity, breaking open the doors of hell and unleashing an endless stream of tortured souls upon Newerth. But she cares not about this. She will kill every one of Jeraziah's advisors, soldiers—even his savage sister—until only he is left standing, and then she will stand beside him, ruling the Third Corruption together.


Target a location to throw a Flaming Orb, dealing 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 Magic Damage. The Orb bounces at that spot 4 more times, dealing 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 Magic Damage and pulling enemies towards it.
Dragon's Path

Passively creates 3 Dragons rotating around Calamity that deal 22 / 44 / 66 / 88 Magic Damage when they touch someone. Grants 2 sub-abilities to move the Dragons towards or away from yourself.
Funeral Pyre

Passively deals an extra Attack to any target you deal damage to when off cooldown. Heroes have 1 of all Stats and 3 Movement Speed reduced for 30 seconds, giving you the Movement Speed and 3 Agility for 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 seconds.
Sunder's Vault

Target an area to create a circular wall. Once the wall is complete, enemies inside take up to 420 / 560 / 700 Magic Damage, with more dealt to those in the center. Staff of the Master: Increases cast range to Global and lowers the cooldown to 80 seconds.
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