Xenobia Curses and Control
  • Gigantic
  • Last Modified: 4/28/2017 4:14:24 PM

  • Complexity: 3.3

  • Uniqueness: 30%


Prized pupil of Devaedra herself, Xenobia emerged from the maelstrom with her mind, her pride, and her ambition intact. The physical changes...those were merely the price of power, Xenobia mused, and perhaps they could even be appreciated in time.

Gaze of Envy

HOLD [LMB]: Drain life and heal yourself.

Words of Spite

Homing projectile that cracks armor (-10 armor, 3s).

Wave of Sorrow

Ground based projectile: Knocks up and weakens enemies for 4s.

Mark of Despair

Targeted Area: Slows movement. Lasts 6s.

Cursed Soul

[F],[LMB]: Targeted Area: Disables enemies and drains 50 HP/s from them. Enemies cannot take damage while cursed. (4s/5s/6s)

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