Rampage Fury & Growth
  • Paragon
  • Last Modified: 2/2/2018 2:54:07 PM

  • Complexity: 2.9

  • Uniqueness: 39%

Boulder Throw

Rampage tears a boulder out of the ground and heaves it at enemies, stunning enemy Heroes and dealing damage.

King of the Jungle

Passive: Rampage gains increased health regen each time he levels this ability.


Rampage pounds the ground with both fists, dealing Damage between two hits and applies a 25/30/35/40% Slow to all nearby enemies for 2 seconds.


Rampage gets Enraged, grows in size, gains a massive health regen boost, and gains 10% bonus damage on his basic attacks. Rampage has access to all abilities while ulted. Ability can be ended early by reactivating.

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