Urgot the Dreadnought

"There is only one way to measure a man. Tear him… into… pieces." -  Urgot

Once a powerful Noxian headsman, Urgot was betrayed by the empire for which he had killed so many. Bound in iron chains, he was forced to learn the true meaning of strength in the Dredge—a prison mine deep beneath Zaun. Emerging in a disaster that spread chaos throughout the city, he now casts an imposing shadow over its criminal underworld. Raising his victims on the very chains that once enslaved him, he will purge his new home of the unworthy, making it a crucible of pain.

Echoing Flames

INNATE: Urgot's six legs each conceal a shotgun that covers an arc, together forming a full circle of cover around him. Each shotgun has one shell and an individual reload timer which is affected by cooldown reduction.

The next basic attack in the direction of a loaded shotgun causes it to fire, dealing  physical damage to all enemies hit within.

Echoing Flames deals 10% reduced damage to enemies it has damaged in the last 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Corrosive Charge

ACTIVE: Urgot launches a canister at the target location that explodes after a brief delay, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit for 1 second.


PASSIVE: Urgot's other abilities apply Purge to enemy champions for a few seconds.

ACTIVE: Urgot shields himself and autonomously attacks the nearest enemy for the next 4 seconds, without interrupting his movement, prioritizing enemy champions marked for Purging.

Urgot attacks with 3.0 attack speed but deals modified damage, with only 33.3% on-hit damage and cannot critically strike.

While active, Urgot also gains slow resistance and ghost versus non-champions but attacking reduces his base movement speed for 1 second.


ACTIVE: After a brief delay, Urgot dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the way and knocking them aside.

Urgot comes to a stop upon colliding with an enemy champion, flinging them over himself and stunning them after they land.

Fear Beyond Death

FIRST CAST: Urgot fires a chem-drill forward that impales the first enemy champion struck, dealing physical damage, leashing them for 3 seconds and slowing them by 0% - 75% (based on target's missing health).

If the target is below 25% of their maximum health, Fear Beyond Death can be re-activated, and automatically does so after 3 seconds if the target is within the threshold.

SECOND CAST: Urgot begins channeling as he launches chains at the target, suppressing them on impact and reeling them in over X seconds, during which they are untargetable by other effects.

The channel can only be interrupted by Urgot's death. If the channel is successful, the target is executed and surrounding enemies are terrified for 1.5 seconds.

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