Blaze Veteran Firebat

Lewis's infatuation with fire began in his childhood. Later in life, he had the opportunity to join Raynor's Raiders and fight for the future of the Terran Dominion. He hesitated, but when he learned he could become a firebat, that sealed the deal. His tendency for pyromania earned him the nickname "Blaze."After the fall of Arcturus Mengsk, Lewis joined the Dominion Armed Forces. He heard of the disappearance of Jim Raynor after the End War, and wondered what happened to his former commander.

Firebats are "armored assault troopers," often attached to provide support for marine squads. Particularly devastating in close quarters combat, they're typically armed with dual arm-mounted flame throwers and wear heat-resistant fireproof armor similar to those used by marines, although heavier.


Gain 25 Armor and deal 40 damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds.
Each Hero hit by Flame Stream reduces Pyromania's cooldown by 5 seconds.

Flame Stream

Fire two streams of flame that deal 83 damage to enemies hit. Flame Stream sets fire to Oil Spills it comes in contact with.

Oil Spill

Dispense a slick of oil that lasts for 5 seconds and Slows enemies that come in contact with it by 40%.
Flame Stream can set Oil Spills on fire for 2.5 seconds, dealing 18 damage every 0.3 seconds to enemies inside. While on fire, Oil Spills no longer Slow enemies. Additionally, Blaze is Healed for 49 Health every 0.3 seconds while standing in flaming Oil Spills.
Stores up to 2 charges.

Jet Propulsion

After 0.5 seconds, charge forward, colliding with the first enemy Hero hit, dealing 52 damage to them and nearby enemy Heroes. Enemies hit are also Stunned for 1.25 seconds.

Bunker Drop

After 0.5 seconds, deploy and enter a Bunker with 1300 Health. Blaze and his allies can enter and exit the Bunker at will. While in the Bunker, occupants gain access to Flamethrower, dealing 179 damage to enemies in a line.
Exiting the Bunker grants 25 Armor for 2 seconds. Bunkers last 10 seconds, or until destroyed.


Channel up to 2.6 seconds. Once Channeling ends, nearby enemies are Slowed by 60% and take 48 damage every 0.5 seconds. Combustion's Slow and damage over time durations are extended the longer Blaze Channels, from 1 second up to 5 seconds.
Blaze's Movement Speed is reduced by 50% while Channeling.

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