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Alysia The Ice Weaver

  • Battlerite

  • Ranged Disabler Evasive Mage Protector Support
  • Ice Magic Staff
  • Allied Stasis Allied Stasis Healing Area Slow Area Stun Debuff Combo Delayed Area Stun Flamethrower Pillar Shield Burst Shielding Untargetable Dash Wide Line Stun Dash/Leap Delayed Area Nuke Marked Target On-Hit Slow Slow Slow Zone Bonus Damage Healing Knockback Zone Stun

  • Abilities

    Frost Bolt

    Launch a cold bolt that deals damage. Deals bonus damage and adds Chill duration to enemies affected by Chill.

    Ice Lance

    Projectile attack that deals damage and inflicts Chill. Deals bonus damage to enemies already affected by Chill.

    Arctic Wind

    Soar gracefully to target location.

    Glacial Prism

    Shield a target ally. Glacial Prism absorbs damage for the duration. When it breaks, it explodes to inflict Chill on nearby enemies.

    EX: Encase target ally within ice, making them immune to disables and blocking up to 40 damage. They can't move or use abilities while encased and heal for 30 health over the duration.

    Flash Freeze

    Call down a frozen star at target location. After a delay, it deals damage and inflicts Chill to enemies in the area. Inflicts Freeze to enemies already affected by Chill.

    EX: Channel a cone of cold snow that deals 24 damage and inflicts Chill over the duration. Inflicts Freeze instead when a target is fully Chilled. The damage affects targets with Freeze directly.

    Ice Crown

    Launch a fragile sculpture that knocks enemies back and blocks enemy attacks. When it breaks, it launches a cone of icicles that deals damage and inflicts Chill.

    Frozen Gallery

    Mark a path of frost in front of you. After a delay, the patch deals damage and inflicts Freeze to enemies hit, turning them into beautiful statues.



    From the frozen north comes the ice sculptor Alysia. Her power allows her to wield ice with both grace and deadly precision. She can damage and freeze her enemies from a distance, while shielding her allies with ice. Obsessed with shapes and form, she left her icy fortress of solitude to seek inspiration in the arena.

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