Xero Shadow Cat
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 12/29/2017 5:32:50 PM

  • Complexity: 4.6

  • Uniqueness: 75%


Though the Amaari taking in Humanity was vastly seen as a massive act of kindness, it was not without ulterior motives. Extremist organizations ready to do whatever was necessary to defeat the Synd infiltrated the Amaari welcoming parties. This fringe group of Amaari scientists, desperate to force the creation of Masters and knowing that humans had a special resonance with Sol, exposed most of the incoming refugees to Sol radiation in order to see if they were able to retain the Sol energy and develop any abilities. They found that young children and babies were the most susceptible, and focused on humans orphaned by the Synd coup. The scientists found several potential Masters, and abducted them under the ruse of taking care of the orphaned children.

Xero was one of the many orphaned children to arrive at the first refugee colony on Amaar. Over his formative years he was exposed to high levels of Sol radiation and his body developed tattoo-like patterns that he could project onto object with his mind. Anything marked by Xero’s pattern became subject to his control. Xero endured years of experiments while in scientific labs, boosting his prowess and potential while also building his resentment against those who impose their will on others.

Over time, Xero projected patterns throughout the entire facility where he was being kept until he had covered enough areas to destroy it. In a single moment, the entire structure exploded outwards, keeping the inhabitants from harm, and allowing them to escape. Xero fled to the streets of the first Amaari colony, living off scraps, goodwill, and scavenging.

Xero roamed the underbelly of the colony, protecting those in poverty from predatory ruffians who would steal and hurt to get what they wanted. He used his power to punish those he saw abusing their strength or imposing their will on others and become a vigilante. Hearing of a super-powered hero within the colony, Imadath traveled there to witness Xero in action. Upon confronting the boy, Imadath was able to convince him that the Amaari he had been abducted by were radicalists. Imadath offered to recruit him into the Reclamation Fleet, and in return Imadath would help Xero track down the fringe group that abducted him. Xero agreed if Imadath would also promise to help improve living conditions in the refugee camps. An agreement was struck, and Xero boarded the Dredgion.

Holo-Cube Engraving

[Pattern Transfer] Weapon attacks mark targets. After two strikes hit the same target, they will be marked with Xero's Engraving. Engraved enemies become the target of your skills.

Skills cannot be used if no targets are engraved. Additional attacks do not refresh the engraving duration. A maximum of 8 targets can be marked at the same time. Engravings persists through tagging.


Hop 7.5m while evading enemy attacks.

Engraved Burst

The area around each engraved target explodes and deals damage to the target and its surroundings in a 2.5m range.

Cannot be used if no engraved targets are in range.

Engraved Erosion

Your engraved patterns distort the minds of your targets. For 6 sec. Weapon Damage is reduced by 20%, Skill Power by 20%, and Defense by 20%.

Up to 8 cube patterns can be activated, but teh skill cannot be used if no engraved targets are in range.

Engraved Telekinesis

Jump back 4m and and pull in all engraved targets to your location. Slows pulled targets by 20% for 2 sec.

Cannot be used if no engraved targets are in range.

Engraved Shockwave

Stuns engraved targets for 1 sec.

Cannot be used if no engraved targets are in range.

Holo-Cube Pulse

Deals damage to all enemies within 7m and engraves them immediately.

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