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  • Complexity: 4.8

  • Uniqueness: 76%


Yuri is the descendant of immigrants from earth and grew up on earth's third settlement on Amaari. Not only is Yuri a member of the Tchaikovsky family, one of the richest families in the third settlement, but she has taken on the mantle of her father, after his death, as CEO of Cell. She is both intellectually bright--receiving higher education since she was young--and a talented martial artists--having been groomed by veteran Masters thanks to her family's affluent contributions to the war effort. Yuri, while quite adept in close combat, connected with something deeper during her training. She began to understand the connections between the skills of a Master, and their ability to harness SOL. Yuri focused on this aspect, knowing that if she were to learn to control SOL energy, there would be no limit to her strength.

When one of the first returning forces to take back Earth were formed by William Millet, Cell was one of the companies supporting them with logistical intelligence and technological breakthroughs. Being CEO, Yuri decided that she would board the fleet herself to ensure her employees's safety and oversee the initial use of her contributions in the field. However, the first attempt to take back earth failed. Yuri and a small group of survivors were left stranded after their vessel crash-landed on the planet's surface. The wreckage was beset upon by Synd patrols, and Yuri was forced to defend her crew. In the heat of battle, Yuri was pushed to new heights and was finally able to integrate SOL into her fighting techniques. In the aftermath of the skirmish, Yuri's battered crew were found by Resistance fighters.

With no way back to the fleet, they joined with the Vais, and Yuri took it upon herself to not only restore communications that would see her people home, but use her knowledge and strength to bolster the Resistance.

Martial Master

[Triage] Summons a medical aid when your health drops below 30%. The aid stuns nearby enemies for 1.5 sec. and restores 5% max HP per second every 5 seconds to nearby allied Masters.

Has a 2 minute cool down.

[Catalyst of Sol] When your Sol power is full, skills gain additional effects.

Sol power is gained over time when Sol boost is used, or in increments of 10 when a target is struck by a skill.

Sol Infusion

Grants Sol Boost while active. Can be toggled on or off. Drains stamina while active.

[Sol Boost] Defense increases by 30% and CC duration reduced by 30%.
-Every 1 second, you gain 12 Sol Power
-Every 1 second, skill cooldowns are reduced by 3%

Sol Fist

Lunge forward 1.5m and unleash a powerful punch.

[Catalyst of Sol] Slows by 50% for 1.5 sec.

Flanking Strike

Dash behind your target and strike their back.

[Catalyst of Sol] Stun your target for 1.2 sec.

Sol Kick

Dash 10m to deal damage to all enemies in your path. Targets launched in the air when struck take 25% more damage.

[Catalyst of Sol] Sol Kick shreds defenses by 30% for 5 sec.

Cosmic Flurry

Your next attack within 5 sec. deals 3 successive blows.

[Catalyst of Sol] Reflect projectiles in front of you while attacking.

Sol Crush

Dash forward 8m and strike enemies for a short period of time, stunning them.

[Catalyst of Sol] The final blow launches enemies in the air.

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