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Chiseled Resolve

When Tulam's health falls below 50%, his weapon damage is increased by 10%, and his defense is increased by 25%.

Stone Faced

Tulam increases the density of his outer shell, increasing defense by 30% for 3.5 sec. and granting CC immunity. Movespeed increased by 15% for 2 seconds after using Stone Faced.

Knuckle Duster

Spins into a whirlwind attack that deals damage in a 2.3m radius and reflects projectiles.

[Combo] Recast to cancel.


Rushes to an enemy target and launches them into the air whiel flinging them behind you.

Tunnel Strike

Tunnel through the ground to explode from a target, avoiding incoming attacks and launching enemies into the air at your exit point.

Weight of Stones

Lets out a bone shaking shout to weaken all enemies within 7.5m.
- Enemy Stamina is reduced to 0.
- Weapon Damage, Skill Power, and Movespeed are reduced by 30% for 5 sec.


Tulam smashes his fosts into the ground, letting loose a shockwave in a 7.5m radius that deals damage to all enemies and pulls them towards the center.

The farther they are from the center, the more damage and air time is increased. Increases up to a max of 200% damage.


Tulam is an Akumite, much like Koom--or at least, he used to be. When Koom vanished during his mission to Earth, Tulam was sent, along with an Amaari priestess, to find him. They arrived to find a war-torn earth, full of hostile creatures called the Synd. His memories of what happened after are tainted with sadness and rage, as is his soul--which makes him quite unlike his former self, and all others of his peace-loving race. With no memory of why he is so tormented or what befell the Amaari priestess, who made the journey with him, Tulam now devotes his life to the only purpose he knows; vengeance.

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