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Sonid Ace

  • Master X Master

  • Ranged Evasive Marksman
  • Sport Novelty
  • Allied Throw Knockback Dash Masochism Mighty Knockback Multi-Projectile Power Shot Charged Cast Crowd Control Zone Mobility Damage Boost Dash/Leap Safe Zone Shield Field Static Zone Damage Javelin Knockback Knockup

  • Abilities


    For every 10% max health missing, Sonid gains 10% chance to critically strike.


    Slides 6m and creates a dust cloud. Within the dust cloud, all friendly and hostile weapon attacks are nullified.


    Knocks several balls out in a cone.

    Multiple balls can hit the same target, but deal reduced damage.

    Catcher's Mit

    Dashes in the target direction with a huge glove, blocking enemy projectiles.

    [Fastball] Pitch a damaging ball in the target direction.

    Power Slide

    Bounds to the target area, finishing in a slide that knocks enemies 2m away and deals moderate damage.


    Strikes a ball so hard that it bursts into flames, damaging all enemies in a line after a short delay. A line of fire trails the ball for 3 sec. damaging all enemies who pass through it.

    Knock Em Out of the Park

    Marks a target to be knocked out, quickly moving to their position. Sonid strikes the target with a launching blow, sending them flying for 12m.

    Also launches allies.



    A descendant of one of Earth's greatest professional baseball players, Sonid was raised with reverence for this cultural legacy. He was a young man when Earth's refugees first came together with the Amaari to form an official baseball league. Blessed with neverending enthusiasm (and no lack of talent), Sonid's team ultimately rose to the finals. There, Sonid pitched a smoking fastball during the ninth inning. It zinged straight past batter and catcher alike, slamming into the stadium wall--where it left a gaping hole. The crowd was stunned into silence for but a moment before a handful of onlookers began to boo.

    For Sonid, it was the worst possible time to develop Master abilities. Thanks to this newfound advantage, the former ace was promptly kicked from the league. Humiliated, he spent weeks moping around until Imadath brought some optimistic news--he was welcome to join the Dredgion and start a Masters-only league. Imadath commissioned his artifact bat--which amplifies kinetic energy--and Sonid has been trying to recruit other Masters to play ever since.

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