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Rytlock The Mistwalker

  • Master X Master

  • Ranged Assassin Disabler Evasive Initiator Warrior
  • Wolf Fire Medium Blade Pistol
  • Area Slow On-Hit Bleed Tenacity Area Stun Dash/Leap On-Hit Spread Targeted DOT Dodge Silence Bonus Damage Landing Damage Slow Stun

  • Abilities

    Warband Champion

    [Tenacious] Each time you are struck by crowd control, you will gain a buff that grants you  CC Immunity against the next crowd control effect you receive.
    [Sohothin] The first and second hits of your weapon attack chain cause Burning, the third attack deals 20% additional damage.

    Combat Roll

    Quickly rolls 6m.
    During a roll, you are immune to enemy attacks for 0.3 sec.

    Brutish Leap

    Leaps to a target area, delivering a crippling slash inflicts a 25%  Slow on enemies for 1.5 sec.


    Slashes at enemies in front of you, dealing heavy damage and inflicting a 30%  Slow for 2.5 sec.

    Head Shot

    Fires a shot that rattles your target's skull, damaging and inflicting  Silence on them for 2.5 sec.

    PIstol Whip

    Swipes targets in a cone, inflicting Stun on any targets hit for 1 sec.
    Then, you unleash a flurry of slashes, dealing heavy damage in a cone.
    Movement and attacks can cancel this ability early.

    Sohothin's Wrath

    The legendary sword, Sohothin, unleashes flames in a line for your next 6 attacks.
    Struck enemies are afflicted with Burning for 4 sec.
    Lasts for 10 seconds or 6 attacks.



    Rytlock's name is known across Tyria as a fierce warrior, a strong leader, and a member of Destiny's Edge. His battle prowess and clever mind assisted greatly in bringing down Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon, alongside an unnamed hero. After the fall of Zhaitan, Rytlock continued to cut his way into history, fighting against the Molten Alliance, Scarlet Briar, and attempting to quell the Foefire with Sohothin, Magdaer, and a shattered crown.

    Unfortunately, his last endeavor failed, and Sohothin was plunged into the Mists. Rytlock followed, knowing he must have the sword to complete the ritual. As he wandered the Mists, Rytlock found himself passing across realities. Rytlock emerged into the Earthen realm with Sohothin, surrounded by war as strange metallic creatures were on the brink of overpowering a familiar ally. He leapt to the aid of the human Masters, cutting down the Synd with ease. He accompanied the Masters back to the Dredgion, hoping that they would be able to help return him to Tyria.

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