Nedien The Noxious Omen
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 10/4/2017 12:05:45 PM

  • Complexity: 5.0

  • Uniqueness: 68%


Nedien is a reptilian creature meant to act as a planetary caretaker in the Amaari system. Her race is able to consume corruption, rot, and poison in order to purify it. Nedien, however, was an anomaly amongst her race. She is afflicted with the condition of producing poison instead of purifying it. This condition is an extremely rare one amongst her race, and marks her as an omen of corruption and a perversion of her purpose. Cast out by her people and quarantined to contain her toxic presence, Nedien craved a path that would give her meaning and redeem her cursed birth.

Creeping Venom

Emits venom when upon using a skill and on every third weapon attack. At 3 stacks, the venom inflicts a burst of damage and restores 4% of Nedien's maximum HP.


Quickly skitter 6m. While skittering, you are immune to CC effects.

Bottled Miasma

Drops bottles of poison every second at Nedien's position that emit a poisonous vapor. The vapor puts stacks of Creeping Venom on enemies and shreds defense by 30%.

Toxin Toss

Throws a bottle of toxic fumes at a target area. The bottle lets loose fumes in an area that deal minor damage over time, stack Creeping Venom, and slows movespeed by 30%.

Crippling Slingblades

Summons 3 poison-coated blades that revolve around Nedien. You may recast this skill to fling the blades like projectiles. Each blade inflicts a crippling poison that reduces movespeed by 10/20/30% on the first, second, and third blade respectively.

Vitriolic Rush

Charges to a target area, striking all enemies in your path and gaining CC immunity. At the end of the charge, Nedien lets loose a toxic explosion that restricts weapon attacks and terrifies monsters for 2 seconds.

Blade Frenzy

Greatly increases attack speed and movespeed while adding Neutralizing Poison to Creeping Poison's triggering effect, reducing weapon damage and skill power by 20%.

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