Moro The Tinker
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 10/4/2017 10:26:00 AM

  • Complexity: 4.9

  • Uniqueness: 83%


Originating from the First Residential Colony on Amaari, Moro was famous as an engineering genius. Though his specialties were primarily focused on small robotics, his skill was still revered enough that he was recruited to help build the Dredgion itself. He reluctantly agreed. Those who have attempted to hold a conversation with Moro have quickly learned that this quirky genius is far more interested in his robotic creations than he is in humanity. Some have even speculated that Moro may be something of a sociopath, but the warmth he shows his own robots hints at some degree of compassion.

Upon the launch of the Dredgion, Moro joined up last-minute. When asked why he desired to become a Master, the engineer was reported to have muttered something regarding, “learning what makes Atlas tick...” He still rarely speaks to anyone aside from his robots, but he can often be seen wandering the Dredgion in the protective suit he built for testing his creations in the field.

Machine Head

[Robomoro] May have a maximum of 3 summoned robos at any given time.

[AI Failsafe] Moro's robos explode if he moves further than 13m away from them, dealing splash damage to nearby enemies. Robos drop an 170 MP battery on death.


Moro flees in a panic for about 9m.

Deploy: Rocket Robo

Deploys a robo that fires rockets at enemies. The deployed robo is active for a short period of time.

Deploy: Carbo-gel Robo

Deploy a robo that fires an aerosolized carbon gel in an area. Enemies within the area have their weapons coated, clogging firearms and making blades unable to to catch on their opponents, rendering enemies unable to use weapon attacks. The deployed robo is active for a short period of time.

Deploy: Graviton Robo

Deploys a robo powered by a graviton singularity, heavily damaging and slowing enemies who pass through it for 1 sec. The deployed robo is active for a short period of time.

Deploy: Medi-Robo

Deploys a medical robo that heals all allies in an area around it. The deployed bot is active for a short period of time.


Moro creates an exo-suit out of his robos.
- Moro's weapon attack is now a piercing beam.
- Jumping and Panic! are restricted from use.
- Slowed.
- Moro fires missiles every second in the direction he is facing.
- Moro emits a healing and graviton aura.

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