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MBA-07 The Tin Cannon

  • Master X Master

  • Ranged Mage Marksman Sieger Specialist
  • Robot Munitions
  • Siege Mode Area Stun Heat-Seekers On-Hit Cleave/Splash Safe Zone Spider Mines Unleash Delayed Area Nuke Mana-Heal Static Zone Damage Damage Boost Damage Reduction Slow Traps

  • Abilities

    Reactive Explosions

    If a weapon attack hits two or more enemies at the same time, it instantly restores MP to MBA-07.

    Smoke Screen

    MBA-07 vents its exhaust ports, clouding the surrounding area with smoke. All targets within the smoke are immune to weapon and skill attacks.

    Cluster Missiles

    Unloads a swarm of homing missiles that seek out the nearest enemy target. Missiles explode on contact with enemies.


    Unleashes explosive impacts on either side of MBA-07 that Stun enemies for 1.5 sec.

    Artillery Barrage

    Unleashes a battery of missiles at the targeted area.

    Damage dealt is increased the closer enemies are to the center of the attack area.

    Skitter Mines

    Drops a proximity mine at your footcups. Mines automatically track enemies within 10m and explode on them, dealing damage and causing slow. Mines are destructible.

    Deploy Particle Cannon

    MBA-07 reconfigures into an immobile siege mode. Increases MBA-07's range, damage and survivability.

    Damage dealt is increased the closer enemies are to the center of the attack area.


    When refugees of Earth settled into the First Residential Colony on Amaari, they began to scavenge any bots, metals, and Artificial Intelligences they could find in order to rebuild their society. As a result, some machines ended up cobbled together a little less elegantly than others. Several years after settling in, a repair specialist discovered something unusual... A robot that had been repurposed to vend apple juice had formerly possessed a powerful, combat-focused AI.

    The repair specialist brought it to the attention of local engineers. The engineers discovered a total of 7 robots with the same programming, but this apple juice vendor--labeled MBA-07--turned out to be unique in both its human-like capacity for emotions and its ability to interact directly with SOL. As a result, the AI was transferred into a battle bot chassis and equipped with Master weapons. The engineers intended to study it, suspecting it may provide insight into Atlas. So far, though, MBA-07 seems too terrified of conflict to provide many clues.

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