Lua The Powder Keg
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 9/8/2017 1:24:09 PM

  • Complexity: 4.7

  • Uniqueness: 86%


Lua grew up on a colonized planet in the Amaar solar system, gaining most of her firearms experience hunting Quaar to defend her settlement. With her affinity for explosives and reputation as a crack shot, Lua quickly became the go-to hunter among her people. As the Quaar began to overrun surrounding settlements, growing in number and viciousness, Lua led several squads against them--usually returning victorious, but incurring heavy losses.

In one of her missions, Lua had lost the entirety of her squad while awaiting reinforcements. Her distress call was picked up by a nearby Reclamation ship, and its response came in the form of three Masters being dispatched to her position. Taejin, Maia, and Merope met with Lua to be briefed on the situation, and together, they purged several skittering caves, wiping out a large chunk of the Quaar in one go. Though they parted ways for a while after that, Lua remembered what it felt like to fight with people she could finally consider equals. After going back home to visit her mother, she decided to join the Reclamation fleet to take back Earth, and contacted the Dredgion. Imadath, recognizing her ability to use Sol, agreed to assign her as a Master.

Firearms Proficiency

Upon using 5 skills, your next skill consumes no resources.

Swift Roll

Quickly rolls 5m.

Shrapnel Rocket

Launches a destructive rocket in a straight line.
The rocket explodes on the first target it strikes, or at the end of its range.
It then showers an 180 degree area with a 5.0m radius behind the explosion point with damaging shrapnel.

Claymore Charge

Dashes to a target and pushes them away.
Lua then launches a missile at the target that knocks them further back and deals damage after a short delay.

Molten Rain

Launches a rocket into the air that splits into several micro-rockets and rains onto the targeted area, dealing heavy damage.
Creates 4 explosions within 1.3m.

Distortion Shell

Launches Lua in the targeted direction with an explosive shell.
The shell creates a 6m area on the spot you launched from, disabling weapon attacks for anyone within it.

Napalm Wave

Fire an expanding wave of fiery death in a cone in front of Lua.
Launches enemies into the air.

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