Kromede The Fallen Judge
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 9/8/2017 11:04:05 AM

  • Complexity: 4.5

  • Uniqueness: 82%


Kromede was born on the world Atreia, a member of a proud race known as the Asmodians. As an ascended Daeva, she was known throughout the land as humble and compassionate. Possessing a beauty both physical and spiritual, she rose quickly to her calling--until she was betrayed by her superiors. With her lover's life at stake, she was forced to in turn betray her own people. When Robstin was killed despite her doing as they asked, her compassion turned to rage. After taking her revenge on those who betrayed her, she was forced to flee. She managed to obtain a small ship, and set course into the Abyss.

She ventured outward, leaving Atreia behind and drifting through unexplored regions. Lost in the endless Abyss, Kromede found herself caught in a violent storm, cascading through what looked liked rifts. Stranded amongst unfamiliar stars and weak from the lack of Aether, Kromede was found by Imadath, who saw in her the same power he had seen within the Dredgion. Imadath showed her how to draw energy from SOL, but was interested in learning more about Aether as a possible source of energy. She joined him as a Master, as they had much to learn from each other. It is as yet unclear whether or not she intends to go back to Atreia at all.

Blood Trial

[Blood Trial] Attacking stunned, bound, and shocked enemies causes bleeding. Bleeding deals damage over time for 5 seconds.

Windbourne Shield

Creates a protective shield to block the next 1 source of damage to hit you. The shield lasts for 4 sec. and grants +50% movespeed.


Quickly fires a cone of five arrows. Bleeding targets take 10% more damage.

[Combo] Uses Quick Draw, Rapid Fire, and Fan of Arrows consecutively.

Quick Draw: Kromede fires a single arrow.

Rapid Fire: Kromede fires 3 arrows in a cone.

Fan of Arrows: Kromede fires 5 arrows in a cone.

Galeforce Arrow

Kromede fires an arrow that knocks enemies away. If an enemy collides with another enemy while being knocked back, they will be stunned for 1 sec. Deals 10% additional damage to bleeding targets.

Blot out the Sun

Fires a multitude of arrows in an upwards arc, leaving them to pepper an area over a short duration. Bleeding targets take 10% more damage.

Aetherpike Shards

Ruptures the ground with aetheric spikes, immobilizing enemies who touch them. The shards last 4.5 sec and are destructible.

Righteous Justice

Kromede unleashes her true power for 7 sec. All weapon attacks fire a cone of five arrows.

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