Koom The Cornerstone
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 9/8/2017 4:25:23 PM

  • Complexity: 4.6

  • Uniqueness: 85%


Though their bodies have the capacity to deflect the brunt of most weapon strikes, the vast majority of Akumites are pacifists. Their people are easy-going, placing the values of life and wisdom above all else. Koom belongs to a specific sect of the Akumites knowns as Guardians--the only of their race capable of combat. On the rare occasion that they view conflict as a necessity, Akumites call upon their Guardians to protect them.

In recent years, Akum found itself growing dangerously low on SOL (which Akumites feed upon to survive). The Amaari reached out to them, advising that Earth had an abundance of this precious resource. As a Guardian, Koom was sent to investigate. He now serves as a Master on the Dredgion to aid the Earthlings in reclaiming their home and establish a line of SOL for Akum.

Unstoppable Will

[Unstoppable Will] Koom gains Will when he deals or receives damage. Koom heals 3% of his total HP and gains CC immunity for 1 second on skill activation.

Granite Sheath

The exterior of Koom's flesh becomes coated in a thin layer of granite, absorbing the next 400 damage. For 2 sec., Koom gains 15% movespeed. The movespeed bonus is lost if the shield breaks.

Magnetic Barrier

Creates a charged field of stones in front of Koom that blocks projectiles for 5 sec. Cannot block area-based attacks.

Runeslab Barricade

Koom causes a slab of stone to burst from the target area, blocking enemy attacks and acting as a movement obstruction. Nearby monsters will be forced to attack the wall. Lasts 3 sec.

Unstable Shell

Creates a shield around Koom for a short duration, absorbing 300 damage. After the shield's duration expires, or if the shield is broken, it explodes and deals 100 damage to all enemies within 4m. The explosion deals up to 150 bonus damage, based on how much it absorbed.

Crashing Defense

Koom charges to the targeted area, shielding all nearby allies at the end of his charge for 400.

Impervious Stone

Koom becomes undying for 6 sec., after which, he recovers 20% of his maximum HP. Koom can recover an additional 300 HP, based on damage taken while Impervious Stone is active.

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