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Jingtai The Faceless

  • Master X Master

  • Melee Assassin Evasive Warrior
  • Staff Martial Arts
  • Charged Dash Dash Throw Dodge Flamethrower Knockback Charge Bonus Damage Dash/Leap Decoy Focus Multi-Cast Passive Multi-Charge Cast Shield Field Throw Untargetable Weaken Knockback Knockup Landing Damage

  • Abilities

    Staff Fighter

    [Endurance] Restores stamina after using 4 skills.

    [Cascade of Blows] Each weapon strike increases your weapon damage by 2%. Cascade of blows stacks up to 20%. The weapon attack that ends your string of attacks launches enemies into the air.


    Jingtai balances on his staff, becoming invincible for 1 sec.

    [Combo] Jingtai may reuse this skill to leap away. Moves in the direction you are facing if no directional movement command is given.

    Million Staff Burst

    Delivers multiple blows in a short line and decreases enemy defenses by -10% for 5 sec. Moving or attacking cancels this skill.

    Sweep Aside

    Charge forward, pushing enemies away.

    [Combo] Dash forward again.

    Bounding Strike

    Gathers Chi and leaps to the target area, dealing damage to enemies upon landing. Increases the distance leapt the longer you gather Chi.


    Dashes to an enemy and flings them over your shoulder.

    Spirit of Protection

    Jingtai projects a spiritual image of himself. The projection charges forward, spinning its staff and blocking enemy projectiles.



    Jingtai was born and raised on Earth, among a small village of human refugees who survived the initial plague and Synd takeover. Though the village had managed to stay hidden for many years, Jingtai was still a child when the Synd found them. Most of the village was slaughtered, including Jingtai's parents, but a wanderer who had made his home there saved as many of the children as he could. This wanderer, Li Chi-Ang, revealed himself to be a first-generation Synd—therefore, one who had once been human.

    He took the children to safety and settled them into a new life, raising them and teaching them all he knew. Still, it wasn't long before the Synd found them again, and this time Jingtai was the sole survivor. Carrying a piece of the Synd who killed his teacher with him, Jingtai has dedicated his life to avenging his family.

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