Ignuma The Burned
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 2/28/2018 12:07:59 AM

  • Complexity: 5.0

  • Uniqueness: 74%


Spirits of Atreia have existed since their world's formation. They are born into the essence of life and death known as Aether, flowing eternally within the cycle. Beings such as Ignuma only take form when they are called upon by a Spirit Master. In Ignuma's case, it was summoned to a battlefield on Earth. It could not locate the one who called it, but it did sense Spiritmaster capabilities in Arami and spent much of the combat assisting her. Even once the fight was over, it could feel that it was still bound somehow, but no master appeared. Bewildered, the spirit followed Arami back to the Dredgion. It lurked around for a few days before Arami gleefully demanded that it give itself a name.

Since then, Ignuma has sought the one who first summoned it. As most fire spirits live in the ever-flowing Aether of existence, it has limited understanding of time or the sanctity of life, but it has been forced to examine its slowly emerging identity. Being stuck in a physical form for so long, Ignuma longs for nothing more than to return to the Aether. Until its Spiritmaster dismisses it, however, it must remain, ever struggling to form an understanding of its new, human companions. It has joined the Masters, hoping that one of their missions might lead it to answers.


[Incineration] Skills cause burning on their targets for 5 seconds and restore a small amount of HP. Burning stacks 4 times, with the 4th burn causing additional fire damage.
[Heart of Fire] Kindling is not lost over time when out of combat.

Molten Shield

Raises a shield and enters a defensive stance for 4 seconds. While the shield is raised, it blocks projectile attacks from the front and nullifies crowd control effects. Increases movespeed by 15% for 2 seconds.

Shield is raised in the direction of your cursor and cannot turn. Skill use and attacks are disabled while blocking. Cannot block area of effect attacks.


Block the next 1 attack to hit you.

Upon extinguishing your block, teleport forward and release a damaging explosion behind you that inflicts burning.

Set Ablaze

Ignites a 5.0m area around you for 6 seconds, causing periodic fire damage and burning to nearby enemies. Can be toggled on and off

Fiery Advance

Charges forward and releases an explosion upon impact, damaging and knocking back any surrounding enemies.

Elemental Wrath

Hurls a flaming orb at the target, terrorizing them for 1.5 SEC(s) and inflicting burning on nearby enemies.

Stoke the Coals

Absorbs Kindling to instantly recover 20% max HP.

Each burning target within your vicinity adds 100 HP to this healing effect, up to a maximum of 700.

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