Eirna The Frigid Crown
  • Master X Master
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  • Complexity: 4.9

  • Uniqueness: 69%


The denizens of planet Sapphirus share a hive-mind, each kingdom's consciousness linked with a Queen. Though Eirna was born into the Queen caste and was considered the most powerful of all her sisters, she also marked the beginning of a blight on their people. There had only ever been a small number of Queens, – seven, to be exact. Eirna was a Queen born out of the cycle, an eighth Queen, and her life brought about a strain on the collected network the Queens were linked to their people through. With Eirna placing extra weight on their collective Hivemind, their links began to deteriorate. Though revered, as was her birthright, she was seen as a curse by some.

When the Amaari requested a representative be sent to the Dredgion, Eirna was the unanimous vote. Her distance from the planet lessened the load, and the Fractal she was given allowed her to focus only her kingdom's thoughts into a separate Hive through her. So long as she remained far away from Sapphirus, they could halt the fraying connections. It fell upon her to find a way to undo the strain she had imposed without leaving her kingdom stranded and leaderless. Though anxious about leaving her homeworld, she is relieved to be among people who are, in some ways, more like her than any of her sisters. Perhaps, with Atlas under her command, she could repair her damaged Hive.


[Frostbite] Weapon attacks made while close to overheating, in the red, and Eirna's skills build chilling up on enemy targets.

Stacking chilling up on a target 3 times freezes it briefly and restores 150MP.

Cold Feet

Gain a burst of movespeed for 3 seconds by riding a stream of supercool air. The air chills the ground, leaving frost patches that chill and slow enemies for 1 second.

Permafrost Petals

Casts a mass of razorsharp ice petals in a line, slowing struck enemies by 10% for 1 SEC(s).
[Iceburst] Detonate the frozen petals for additional damage.

Arctic Storm

Whips up a destructive swirl of ice shards around yourself or any allied target for 4 SEC(s). Enemies in the storm take periodic damage and are slowed by 20% for 5 seconds. Persists through tagging.

Frost Spire

Creates a frost spire at the target area for 10 SEC(s). The spire radiates cold, slowing enemies by 40% for 1 SEC(s).
[Combo] Teleport to the location of the spire.


Shoots a targeted ice shard that damages, chills, and has a low cooldown.

Rime Pulse

After a short delay, blasts enemies by flash freezing their already cold bodies in an area around Eirna. Damage increased by 60 per stack of chilling on your targets.

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