Death Knight The Accursed
  • Master X Master
  • Last Modified: 10/13/2017 3:32:40 PM

  • Complexity: 4.8

  • Uniqueness: 55%


He assumes he had a name, once, though most of his memories begin with the last moments of his life. He knows he was a knight who served his king loyally, and he remembers a mother, father, and several siblings. He also knows he was betrayed. His King sent him and several others on a fool's errand, a mission to slay a dragon. None of them were expected to come back alive--and none of them did. When his fellow soldiers lay dead or dying at the claws of the monstrous beast, the knight managed to strike the final blow.

The blood of the dragon washed over him, burning like fire, and he woke... changed. He was filled with hatred for all those living, a driving force that compelled him to kill anything in his path. As he was unable to be slain, he was finally imprisoned, and wandered the halls of his dungeon until the Dredgion, finding a fragment of his memory buried in the recesses of SOLON, called upon his service. Upon arriving in this new world, the effect of the curse weakened, granting the clarity and control he once lacked.


[Syphoning Blade] Every one second, Death Knight's next attack recovers a small amount of HP
[Forever Damned] Death Knight will revive once upon reaching 0 HP. After 3 seconds, Death Knight respawns with 30% total HP.

Ignore Wounds

Death Knight shrugs off all damage from Master skills, but not weapon attacks or crowd control, for 2SEC(s).
After Ignore Wounds fades, Death Knight gains 15% movespeed for 2 seconds.


Charges in a line, damaging enemies and unleashing a slash that knocks foes away at the end of the charge. Enemies struck by the movement portion of the charge take 50% reduced damage.


Coaxes a cross-shaped burst of flames from the target area, dealing moderate damage. Inflicts 2 stacks of burning on hit enemies for 2SEC(s).


Death Knight readies a debilitating strike for his next attack within 5 seconds, causing it to stun for 1SEC(s).


Decreases heat buildup while increasing attack and movespeed for 6SEC(s), but reduces your base attack damage by 15%.

Unholy Fury

Emits a shockwave that stuns enemies within 4.5m for 0.5SEC(s). Reduces heat buildup and greatly increases attack speed, movespeed, defense, and HP Recovery for 6SEC(s), but reduces your base attack damage by 10%.

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