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Wukong Order / Corruption

  • Paragon

  • Melee Assassin Deceptive Evasive Warrior
  • Primate Staff
  • Decoy Air-Walking Gold Gain Melee Deployable Offensive/Defensive Stance On-Hit Decoy Stance Change Bounty Quest Dash/Leap Form Change Kill Empowerment Knockback Landing Damage Quest Bonus Self-Healing Tribute

  • Abilities


    Wukong can jump a second time with Cooldown.

    Offensive Stance: Jump ends in a 300 radius slam that deals Ability Damage and applies a Movement Speed Slow for 2s. 
    Evasive Stance: Jump grants Airwalking and a Movement Speed Bonus for 1s.

    Control Aggression

    Active: Toggles Wukong between an Offensive and Evasive stance. 

    Passive: With his golden eye flames, there is a 25% chance that Wukong will spot a minion with a spirit that grants additional bonuses when slain. 
    Offensive Stance: Marked minions grant bonus CXP when slain. 
    Evasive Stance: Marked minions heal Wukong when slain.

    Staff of Legend

    Wukong extends his staff and deals Ability Damage.

    Offensive Stance: Staff pushes clones and enemy heroes 900 units.
    Evasive Stance: Instead of dealing damage, Wukong extends his staff into the ground for a directional leap that launches himself into the air.

    84,000 Hairs

    Passive: Upon connecting with a Basic Attack, Wukong passively creates an immobile clone which attacks all targets within melee range. Clones deal a percentage of Wukong's Basic Attack damage per attack, and will disappear after 5s or 3 attacks.



    Wukong and Feng Mao used to be travelling companions. When Wukong became too annoying, Feng trapped him in a cave and left. 100 years later, Wukong is free and on his way to Agora to resume annoying Feng Mao. Wukong is a deadly and elusive melee carry, capable of farming faster than any other hero.

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