Pestilus Lord of the Swarm
  • Battlerite
  • Last Modified: 2/22/2018 2:14:57 PM

  • Complexity: 5.1

  • Uniqueness: 92%


Pestilus is the head priest of Quna. He serves the Qunan royal family, but secretly worships an evil deity, Rasal. His schemes manipulated the king into exiling the crown prince. In the arena, Pestilus unleashes swarms of insects to infest and cripple his enemies, releasing his innermost darkest desires.


Projectile Attack that deals 12 damage on enemy hit and heals 10 health on ally hit. Inflicts Moth and heals you for 2 health. Damage and healing done by Moth heal you for 6 health over 4.5 seconds.

Moth (Enemy): Take 6 damage over 4.5s

Moth (Ally): Heals 6 health over 4.5s.


Projectile attack that deals 28 damage on enemy hit, heals 28 health on ally hit and deals 14 damage to self. Cannot deal lethal damage to self. Hitting a Queen with Bloodsucker kills it, without dealing any damage to self.

EX: Vomit upon enemies in front of you, dealing 8 damage and knocking enemies back. Inflicts Moth and Root.


Lunge at enemies or allies to Infest them for up to 2s. Heals allies and self for 8 health. Infested enemies take 25% more damage and infested allies absorb 75% damage. Can be recasted to cancel the effect.

Infest (Ally): Absorb 75% damage while infested. Lasts up to 2s.

Infest (Enemy): Take 25% more damage while infested. Lasts up to 2s. 


Summon a Queen that heals nearby allies for 16 health and 18 additional health over 5s. The Queen explodes after the duration, dealing 24 damage to nearby enemies. This effect does not occur if the Queen is killed by an enemy.


Throw a spider egg that breaks on impact inflicting Panic on all nearby enemies.

EX: Throw a Brain Bug that infests the enemy allowing you to control it's movement. Recasting this ability forces the target to run to the target location at 60% increased speed.


Shield a target ally. Swarm absorbs up to 28 damage and spreads Moth to nearby enemies if destroyed by damage.

Scarab Pack

Summon and command 3 Scarabs to attack enemies or aid allies. A Scarab deals 26 damage on enemy hit and heals 26 health on ally hit. Scarabs stick to their target for a short duration. Damage an healing done by Scarabs heal self for 24 health.

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