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Ruh Kaan The Crypt Warden

  • Battlerite

  • Melee Durable Initiator Tank Warrior
  • Darkness & Shadows Scythe Skeleton
  • Hookshot Boosted Form Damage Absorb Reset Damage Dash On-Hit Sustain Periodic Basic Attack Bonus Self-Healing Shield Field Dash/Leap Form Change Health Drain Marked Target On-Hit Cleave/Splash Pull Blink Bonus Damage Landing Damage Slow

  • Abilities

    Defiled Blade

    Strike to deal damage to an enemy. Deals 6 bonus damage, heals self for 12 health and inflicts Curse if weapon is charged. Your weapon charges over time.

    Curse: Melee attacks deal 2 bonus damage and heal you for 6 health when striking a cursed target. Lasts for 3s.

    Shadow Bolt

    Launch a shadowy bolt of energy that deals 26 damage. Deals 4 bonus damage if weapon is charged. Your weapon charges over time.

    Sinister Strike

    Dash attack that deals 16 area damage.

    EX: Consume the life force of nearby enemies dealing 30 damage and leeching 30 health over 1.8s.


    Negate projectile and melee attacks in front of you inflicting Snare on enemy melee attackers. Negating an attack charges your weapon and resets the cooldown of Shadowbolt.

    Claw of the Wicked

    Launch a claw that drains 10 health and pulls an enemy towards you.

    EX: Launch a claw that heals an ally for 24 health and pulls it towards you.

    Nether Void

    Warp to target location and unleash a shadow blast that inflicts Curse on all nearby enemies.

    Shadow Beast

    Transform into a shadow beast. Replaces Defiled Blade with a cleave attack and Shadowbolt with a powerful projectile attack. Your other abilities are disabled when shapeshifting.

    Fang of the Faceless: Swing your fangs in a direction, deals 20 damage and leeches 16 health.

    Shadow Claw: Lauch a claw that deals 20 damage, leeches 16 health and pulls an enemy towards you.



    Ruh Kaan was awoken when a grave robber desecrated the sacred crypts Ark'Dun. Pursuing the trespasser led him to the Arenas where he is still tracking his quarry. He wields his dark powers to remove those who would stand in his way, taking great pleasure in consuming their souls.

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