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Raigon The Exiled Prince

  • Battlerite

  • Melee Durable Evasive Initiator Warrior
  • Dynasty Warrior Large Blade
  • Charged Blow Deflect Impale Knockup Wave On-Hit Single Ability CDR Parry / Riposte Untargetable Strike Zone Dash/Leap Self-Healing Untargetable Cooldown Reduction Knockback Landing Damage Mezmerize On-Hit Pierce On-Hit Sustain Stun

  • Abilities

    Sword Slash

    Strike with your sword to deal 10 damage. Successful hits charges your weapon and reduces the cooldown of Retribution by 1s. Each charge increases the power of Retribution.

    EX: Infuse your blade with determination, causing your next 2 Sword Slashes to send forth Slicing Winds. Deals 10 damage to enemies and heals you for 14 health.


    Dash forward and strike to deal 11 damage and leech 8 health. Deals 3 bonus damage and leeches 3 bonus health per weapon charge.

    Heavenly Strike

    Leap and strike with your sword to deal 20 damage in front of you upon landing.


    Deflect up to 5 attacks. Melee attacks trigger a Counterattack and projectiles are redirected towards your aim direction.

    Seismic Shock

    Sunder the earth with your blade in a forward slash, dealing 10 and launching struck enemy up in the air for 1.4s.

    EX: Cleave the earth with your blade in a forward slash, dealing 10 damage and launching struck enemy up in the air for 1s. Inflicts Incapacitate for 2s upon landing.

    Dragon Palm

    Dash forward and palm strike an enemy. Deals 8 damage and knocks the enemy back. Knocking an enemy into a wall inflicts Stun.

    Wrath of the Tiger

    Dash and strike an enemy, dealing 20 damage. Upon hit, slash all enemies in an area around you, dealing up to 84 damage over 3s. When the duration ends or upon Recast, dash towards your aim direction.



    Raigon is the former crown prince of Quna. He was a well-respected figure among the kingdom’s warriors, until he was exiled due to the manipulations of Pestilus. For now, the arena serves as a decent place to find work and set the wheels in motion for his retaliation.

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