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Jumong The Beast Hunter

  • Battlerite

  • Ranged Evasive Marksman
  • Tribal Warrior Bow Predator
  • Charged Shot Impale Mark Detonate Crowd Control Mimic Cast Post-Dash Bonus Damage Rooting Trap Speed Boost Static Zone Damage Charged Cast Cleanse Dash/Leap Power Shot Traps Mark Detonate Area Root Knockback Mezmerize Slow Stun Untargetable

  • Abilities

    Hunting Arrow

    Fire an arrow that deals 18 damage. Successful hits charges your bow. A fully charged bow enables you to recast Steady Shot or Black Arrow.
    EX: Fire a piercing arrow that turns to hit the same target again after impact dealing 8/8/8 damage. Each hit charges your weapon.

    Steady Shot

    Charged Projectile attack that deals 30 damage.

    Black Arrow

    Dash towards move direction and fire an arrow that deals 8 damage.


    Movement speed is increased by 100%. Running into an enemy inflicts Seeker's Mark. Removes movement impairing effects.

    Seekers Mark: Hunting Arrow and Black Arrow consumes the mark inflicting a 1s Incapacitate. Mark lasts for 2.5s.

    EX: You become temporarily immaterial and movement speed is increased by 100%. Running into an enemy inflicts Seeker's Mark, deals 6 damage and heals you for 14 health. Removes movement impairing effects.

    Bear Trap

    Place a trap that inflicts Root on all nearby enemies when the trap is triggered.

    Rain of Arrows

    Fire arrows that rain down at target location dealing 35 damage over a short period of time and Snaring enemies.

    Dragon Slayer

    Hold to charge an arrow for up to 2s to increase its damage and travel distance. The arrow deals 30-60 damage and pulls the target hit with it. Pulling a target into an enemy or into a wall deals 30 damage to the enemy hit and stuns both targets for 1.2s.



    Jumong is a trophy collector who has wandered the wildlands in the pursuit of a worthy challenge. No longer content with hunting the great beasts of the world, has led him to enter the arena looking for a new type of prey. He traps his foes and ends them with a well placed shot from his mighty bow.

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