Ezmo The Mischievous
  • Battlerite
  • Last Modified: 5/21/2018 9:29:50 PM

  • Complexity: 5.0

  • Uniqueness: 85%


Ezmo was once imprisoned by the warlock, Aradu The Reserved, but managed to escape when his captor was too engrossed in reading his tome. Ezmo sealed Aradu's soul within the book, creating the Lost Soul Grimoire, and has carried it ever since. When he isn't playing tricks on people, Ezmo is searching for a way back to his home dimension.

Arcane Fire

Launch a bolt of arcane fire that deals 8 damage.

EX: Channel a beam that deals 32 damage and drains 32 health.

Chaos Grip

Hold to charge a projectile for up to 1.3s to increase damage and distance. The projectile deals 12-20 damage, knocks nearby enemies back and pulls enemies far away towards you.


Turn into arcane energy, travel to target location and recharge Arcane Fire. Can be recasted.

Arcane Barrier

Negate projectile and melee attacks in front of you. Negating attacks recharges Arcane Fire. You receive 1 charge per 10 damage absorbed or 1 charge for each none damaging source.

EX: Shield a target ally. Shield absorbs up to 24 damage and restores up to 10 weapon charges if destroyed by damage.


Strike an area to deal 8 area damage and Root enemies in place.

Tome of Destruction

Summon the Tome of Destruction at target location. The tome mimics your Arcane Fire attacks.

Grimoire of Chaos

Throw the Grimoire of Chaos to target location. The power of the grimoire draws nearby enemies towards it. It explodes after 2s dealing 55 damage.

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