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Croak The Ranid Assassin

  • Battlerite

  • Melee Assassin Evasive Warrior
  • Frog Medium Blade Melee Dual Wielder Poison
  • Attack Speed Burst Multi-Charge Mobility On-Cast Attack Speed Buff Stealthed Targeted DOT Untargetable Dash Bonus Damage Dash/Leap Explosive Finale On-Hit Bleed On-Hit Sustain Self-Healing Speed Boost Suprise! Visual Impairment Attack Speed Buff Cast Empowerment Landing Damage Mezmerize Multi-Charge Cast

  • Abilities

    Blade Flurry

    Strike with your blades to deal 8 damage. Frog Leap and Camouflage increase the attack speed for a limited amount of strikes.

    Toxic Muck

    Spit toxin muck at target location. Deals 6 damage, inflicts Toxin and heals you for 6 health.

    EX: Projectile attack the deals 10 damage, inflicts Toxin and reduces sight range by 80%.

    Toxin: Deals 8 damage to the target and heals self for 8 health over 5s.

    Frog Leap

    Leap attack and strike with your blades to deal 20 damage in front of you. Can be recast.


    Turn invisible and gain Fading Haste. Blade Flurry attacks made from Camouflage inflict Stun. Camouflage fades when an ability is used.

    EX: Turn invisible and gain Fading Haste. Blade Flurry attacks made from Deceit inflict Incapacitate and cause you to enter Camouflage.

    Noxious Lunge

    Lunge forward, piercing through enemies dealing 12 damage.

    Toxin Blades

    When activated your Blade Flurry attacks deal 2 bonus damage, heal you for 2 health, and inflict Toxin.

    Venom Wind

    Dash forward in the shape of a venomous wind, piercing through enemies inflicting Venom.

    Venom: Deals 18 damage over 3s. Explodes when the effect ends, dealing 38 damage to nearby enemies.


    His background is shrouded in mystery, his movements are supernatural and his reputation is whispered about. Croak loves to surprise his enemies, using his mobility to move in and out. His chameleonic stealth and flexible fighting style makes him exceptionally hard to catch.

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