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Bakko Hero of Boulder Pass

  • Battlerite

  • Melee Durable Initiator Protector Tank Warrior
  • Axe Melee Dual Wielder Shield
  • Charged Blow Impale On-Hit Single Ability CDR Push Shield Field Dash/Leap Parry / Riposte Shielding Area Stun Cooldown Reduction Knockback Landing Damage Mezmerize Slow Stun Upgrade

  • Abilities

    War Axe

    Swing your axe to deal 9 damage. Successful hits charges your axe and reduces the cooldown of Blood Axe by 0.5s. Each charge increases the power of Blood Axe.

    Blood Axe

    Throw an axe that deals 16 damage. Deals 4 bonus damage for each weapon charge.

    Valiant Leap

    Leap into the air and strike down upon your enemies dealing 22 damage and inflicting Snare.

    EX: Leap into the air and strike down upon your enemies dealing 8 damage and inflicting Incapacitate.


    Put up your shield and block incoming attacks. Reflects enemy projectiles and inflicts Stun on enemy melee attackers.

    Shield Dash

    Dash forward and push an enemy in front of you. Pushing an enemy into a wall deals 16 damage.

    EX: Dash forward and slam an enemy dealing 12 damage, knocking it back and inflicting Fading Snare.

    War Shout

    Let loose a War Shout that shields all nearby allies absorbing up to 40 damage.

    Heroic Charge

    Rush forward and grab an enemy dealing 35 damage and pushing it in front of you. Deals 28 area damage and inflicts Stun when reaching max distance or when colliding with a wall or another enemy.


    Bakko has a proud history, filled with bravery and courage. Most known for saving hundreds of people from getting slaughtered by the giants in the north. A heroic brawler armed with axe and shield. Bakko uses his shield to outmaneuver opponents and protect his teammates. Watch out for his earth shattering dash attacks, even calm warriors sometimes go berserk.

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