• Heroes of Newerth
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  • Complexity: 2.9

  • Uniqueness: 58%


As the murder, atrocity, and sin intensified during Man's Fall from Light, the primordial Geomancers began to stir deep beneath the surface of the Hivelands. They tunneled toward the suffering with scores of daemons crowding behind, anxious to harvest and feed. "Across the world, great ruptures arose, like sores upon the land. Those left to quiver in the darkness called them gates to Hell. And Hell, from them, emerged." Rithe the Geomancer burst through a sacrificial shrine and was the first to taste the flesh of Moon Queen's brood, and he was the last to return to the depths of the underworld when food and souls became scarce and the agony had quelled. For many years he feasted on the blood and pain of those who had been taken during the First Corruption. When Maliken Grimm, King of Newerth, fled into the wilderness and began his descent into madness, Rithe and the Geomancers stirred once again.


Digs in target direction, becoming invulnerable while burrowed.

Activate again to surface and deal Magic Damage to enemies within a 250 radius and stun for 1.5 seconds.

You can use abilities and items while burrowed.


Burrows for 30 seconds upon use, becoming invisible and gaining the ability to see moving enemies through fog within a 1200/1400/1600/1800 radius.

While burrowed, Geomancer has Melee attack range, has his sight range greatly reduced, and is revealed if there are enemies close. Can unburrow early by activating this skill again while burrowed.

Earth's Grasp

Target an area to launch a wave of grounded energy towards it, dealing Magic Damage on impact and applying Earth's Grasp to units hit for 4 seconds.

Earth's Grasp deals Magic Damage to the target every second, and also Sights & Reveals the target. The Magic Damage dealt is reduced by 50% if the target is moving.

Crystal Field

Immobilizes target enemy for 2.5 seconds. When the immobilize wears off, applies a 2/3/4 second Stun to all other enemies around the target.

Deals Magic Damage per second to enemies affected by either the Stun or the Immobilize.

SoFM: Upon exploding deals an additional Magic Damage and applies a 4 second 50% Movement Speed Slow in a 600 radius.

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