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Dark Swarm

Summons a swarm of bugs for 5 seconds. Enemies within the swarm take Physical Damage per second, while enemies outside the swarm deal less damage to Tremble


Create and tunnel through Terror Mounds with Boris. A Terror Mound spawns at your ally Well once leveled. Terror Mounds grant Move Speed, Mana Regeneration, Unitwalking, and Stealth with a 2 second fade time. Also gain the ability to Terror Port every 20 seconds between Mounds.

If not self-cast, spawns Boris to travel to target location and create the mound.

Terror Port - Target a Terror Mound to teleport to it after a 3 second channel. May only be used while standing in a Terror Mound.


Passively makes your autoattacks apply a Movement Speed Slow and reduce Armor to the target for 2.5 seconds.

Hive Mind

Summon Shudder at your location for 40 seconds. Shudder is invulnerable, cannot be controlled and follows Tremble, attacking what Tremble attacks for 60/90/120 Attack Damage.

Staff of the Master - Summons a permanent, controllable Shudder that has 90/120/150 Attack Damage. Shudder has 1000/1400/1800 Health, Ensnare, Terror Mounds, Impalers and Razor Carapace (30 Deflection).)

For 40 seconds, Hive Mind becomes Ensnare. This can be activated to Immobilize a target enemy unit for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.



Hellbourne corruption has spread across Newerth--and deep into it as well. From beneath the crusted depths emerges the carapaced undying horror that is Tremble, awakened to wreak havoc upon the Legion forces. Mysterious terrain deformations seem to herald his arrival, while a trail of corpses marks his path of departure.

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