Sand Wraith

Legends long said that when the sirocco howls off the Great Waste, it is screaming of a Sand Wraith. In the past years, the legend has been borne out, as this ancient evil has glided through Newerth, leaving curses, confusion, and despair in his dusty wake.

Desert's Curse

Throws the Desert's Curse at target enemy or position up to 2000 units away. Enemies that are hit take 50/100/150/200 Magic Damage.

Targeting an enemy directly will cause the target to further spawn a sand trail behind it and will force Sand Wraith's nearby owned illusions to gain Haste & attack the target.

Applies Familiar Ground to the Sand Wraith while on the sand and up to 3 seconds outside of it. Applies Desert's Curse to enemies while in the sand and up to 1 second outside of it.

Familiar Ground: +6/8/10/12% Movement Speed Unitwalking Treewalking Cliffwalking Buildingwalking

Deserts Curse Effect: 12/16/20/24% Movement Slow

Sand Stalkers

Spawns 2 Sand Stalkers next to you for 20 seconds. Using this ability also disjoints projectiles and makes you invulnerable for 0.2 seconds.

Sand Stalkers are illusions which deal 25/30/35/40% of your damage and take 400/350/300/250% damage.


Passively grants a bonus 15/30/45/60 Attack Speed to Sand Wraith and all illusions under his control.


Spawns an illusion of the Sand Wraith next to every enemy hero for 4/5/6seconds. Illusions are uncontrollable and only attack the enemy hero they spawn next to.

Mirage is replaced by Manifest for the duration. Using Manifest will cause Sand Wraith to instantly take the place of the closest illusion from where the skill is cast. 

SoTM: Upon arrival, fears enemies in a 400 radius for 2 seconds, then slows enemies movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds

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