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Zandora The Lance-Wielding Eternal

  • Gigantic

  • Melee Enchanter Protector Support Warrior
  • Polearm
  • Area Healing Cycle Auras Damage Boost Aura Healing Aura On-Cast Aura Change Positive Aura Shielding Allied Damage Boost Area Damage Buff Damage Boost Range Modifier Cast Empowerment Cleanse Healing Speed Boost Combative Defenses Mana-Heal

  • Abilities

    Star Lance Strike

    Melee attack combo.

    Hitting extends an active aura.

    Aura of Strength

    Damages all enemies in melee range.

    AURA: You and nearby allies deal bonus basic attack damage

    Aura of Haste

    Grants stamina on activation

    AURA: You and nearby allies move faster

    Aura of Life

    Cleanses debuffs from nearby allies

    AURA: You and nearby allies regenerate health

    Vow of Shielding

    You and nearby allies gain a shield for a few seconds

    Star lance hits restore shield



    A lance-wielding Eternal who has emerged from the Star City to walk among mortals, Zandora is a melee/support hybrid who uses auras to empower herself and allies on the battlefield. Zandora can quickly switch between offense, defense, and mobility. She renews her current aura every time she strikes an enemy. 

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